Trump and the EU’s tariff reciprocation is as much a trade war as a competition of ‘anything you can do, I can do dumber.’

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert : Don’t Even Try To Out Stupid Donald Trump

donald trump



  1. Trump has the highest IQ of any President in recent history…these attacks are getting to the point of not funny, just plain treasonous! If you must hate someone, do it for a real reason…if you're going to defile yourself at least make it a worthy cause! I don't worry about the left anymore…the hate they have will destroy them all! Conservatives won't have to lift a finger!

  2. Trump won the election single handed! He has put the elite, the media the film industry in turmoil. They mock him, hate him, call him stupid. etc etc. BUT he WON. So what does that make you!! Think about it. He is truly a one man army taking on the elite and all their puppets the masses who follow them like sheep. He is now the most famous, bravest, caring person in the world.!!! And he is your leader, be proud!

  3. Comedians can make jokes but they are not in the real world of governing so keep that in mind. Creating jobs, securing the country, rebuilding the infrastructure, preparing the next generation for the future economy and advancing developments in science and technology, improving lives, are more important.

  4. make nasty jokes if it helps, but trump is just the latest demonstration that the constitution is only really good at putting slave plantation plutocrats in the presidency. it's pretty good at good at putting rich stupid men in the presidency. it's really lousy at delivering good managers and widespread prosperity, although in recent years it has proven to be surprisingly effective at assisting china to take a leading place in world affairs.

  5. Boycott these want to be funny late night talk show hosts… they are fucking brain-dead and have no material nothing fresh one-trick Pony without Donald Trump they have no material it's not even funny material that they have it's just biased meme and paid spewing narrative talking points from their masters

  6. Do you think any of this Nebbish this putt's kid's would tell him hey dad please STOP your humiliating the whole family Or what kind of woman would ever marry an in your face egomanical douche bag narcissist who can't open his mouth without telling someone everyone anyone what a swell genius he is or what about his A really Big a Brain or how glad we all are that he went to a smart school .. Can't his brain damaged Base see he's completely lost his fucking mind ? Was it the Clap that rotted his melon out ? What was he doing while we were all in class learning things like English and Geography oh hell even math . it's obvious he's wasn't the best Math student , But honestly Trump Supporters are completely incapable of being honest or seeing how deranged he is . I'm sorry but Trump is occupying the presidency in a diminished or rather a demolished capacity and if you people can't see it well it's only because you don't want too… He is 100% certifiable suffering from Delusion's complicated by some kind of open brain trauma he may have suffered while cracking open them Big book's I'm so sure he read so many of in his life … Somebody help him … get him a tab of LSD I bet it make's him completely normal..


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