Dog bumped into me while I was carrying my cereal bowl. He was very sad about it.

Dog bumped into me while I was carrying my cereal bowl. He was very sad about it.

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  1. One time I was very sick with the stomach flu and couldn’t make it to the bathroom on time bc my dog was under my feet trying to get attention. I projectile vomited all over her and she gave me the same look. Just like why… why would you do this to me human

  2. Poor baby. They know when they done messed up. But I had a little pit bull who tripped me. I ended up on the floor, my sandwich went flying and Gloria ate it before coming back to give me ham-flavored kisses. She was only sorry I hadn’t made two sandwiches.

  3. Ok so when my boxer was still with us, he had a tendency to knock over everything even as a trained dog since his hind legs were genetically stronger/more nimble (vet said this was rare and even paid us to send him to lab to test a few things out) and one day learned to knock over things to get food from it. For example I was coming home from school and got a hot and spicy chicken with some fries from McDicks. I went into the kitchen to greet my grandma and this big motherfucker kicks the fuck out of the coffee table where the food was on and splat goes half the fries down on the floor. I came back to a mess of potatoes all over and this smug bastard looking at me as if saying “aww thank you, you shouldn’t have”. I still miss that bastard every single day.


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