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Evan Carmichael : Do You NEED a COLLEGE DEGREE to be SUCCESSFUL? – #BelieveLife




  1. I am thinking about starting a tutoring business but I am not sure where to start. Do you have to any tips? I have seen some of your other videos but I am still not sure exactly where to start? It would be a big help to me if you would do a video specifically about how to start once you decide that you want to go towards this business.

  2. It all depends on what you want! Ask yourself, "What is college for?"

    If it is to explore, follow your curiosity, have a sense of adventure, figure out how to solve a big problem or study what you love, awesome. If it is to get a well paying job, you should start learning how to find a good paying part-time job now regardless of college. If it is to build a business, you may be better off putting your resources in your business, finding mentors and embracing just in time learning. Regardless of how you answer the question, recognize that YOU HAVE TO DISCOVER WHAT YOU WANT and that LEARNING IS ESSENTIAL even though schooling may be optional.

  3. Education teaches you how to learn and once you've learned that you can learn anything. I don't use the subject of my degree to earn a living but I use all the skills I acquired while studying. That's where the benefit of a degree lies and I think many people underestimate these skills.

  4. I believe Learning is the key whether from college or self taught! All the people mentioned are great Readers and learners! Lastly learning from people is as important as learning from books!!

  5. College education is a good investment for yourself. While you're getting one, enjoy every moment. Take advantage of opportunities to meet people, have fun. For me I've had to drop out two times because I've just had to for my businesses which I've now built successfully but that should not be the norm. I love learning and I'm going to go back to school next year. It's good.

  6. Important things to remember
    1. You need a degree to become a doctor, lawyer,engineer, teacher but not to be an entrepreneur.
    2. Warren buffet has a college degree
    3. Zuckerburg and gates dropped out Harvard not sunshine community college.
    4. As a minority to be successful financially you should have a degree because it hard to have a great career without one.
    5. Elon musk, zuckerburg, and Bill Gates are coders. A skill you don't need a degree for but it helps.
    6. Warren buffet and Bill Gates individually read probably three times as much as the avg person.

  7. It really is dependable on what you want to do, which determines if a degree is for you or not?… If you want to be an entrepreneur, then maybe you won’t need it. But if you want to learn how to design cars, you will certainly need a degree in transportation design. There’s no short cuts I’m afraid in those specialist areas. And quite honestly, I’m fed up of hearing all these successful entrepreneurs preaching degrees aren’t needed. Each person is different, with different core values and goals. We aspire towards different things in life. One mans treasure is one mans trash. That said, I’ve also seen in recent years, many college degrees springing up everywhere, stating this business study degree will help you get on in life. But in reality, the degree is not worth the paper it’s printed on. It was a crappy degree to begin with. And because so many of these so called business study degrees have emerged in recent times, it’s tarnished the prestige and the education a highly degree education can give you. And a lot of entrepreneurs also mention a degree doesn’t help you in the real world. That’s so ignorant. There are thousands, upon thousands of degrees out there. Some worth their weight in gold and some a load of rubbish. Plus, even if you got a degree, you need to have the determination to use and implement that knowledge so you can get the job you dream about or start up you’re own business. Whatever it is. The reason many fail, is not always because of a degree. There can be so many other factors to it. Everyone’s circumstances are different. And what I hear here, is so black and white, ignoring so many greys in between. 🌍🌏🌎

  8. Hi Evan, you must be used to it by now… but I will still say it… your videos add value. I had a query… how do you use video clips of other people. I have just started and am still learning the basics.

  9. I love coding and learnt it by self teaching, I think school had no impact on it, I am now a freelancer and have plenty more practical experience than theory , of course theory is useful, what I mean is that there are some courses based on useless things that we can't relate or use in our daily life and some are simply things we need to memorize but we clear those info as soon as we pass the exam.. sometimes I regret from not finishing university but other times I feel I found my way lead by my passion and I don't need a teacher to tell me what subject to follow. Also , in tech, new things come faster than textbooks, it happens that textbook content are obsolete as soon as you learnt them . It depends on what you want to do and what is your passion and what you are meant to be.. eg. a doctor without degree would be kinda scary

  10. There should be a formula devised when considering college. Lets think of it as a asset. 40,000 to 100,000. What ever the cost. Now lets look at the rate of return on investment. How long will it take to get a gain on your investment. Best case and worst case. You have a passion to be a doctor or lawyer. College best way to go. Most cases two year trade school best option. I did trade school. I got return on my investment one year out on a job . It some of my friends twenty years to out pace my pay with college degree. I am probably still ahead on my retirement. Than they are after 35 years.

  11. The reality is, some of my most ignorant and uneducated, inarticulate friends and associates, graduated college and have letters before and after their names. A college degree is just a piece of paper if you aren't going to learn something while in your classes. Conversely, I have friends that only graduated high school that are not only brilliant, but have gone on to be successful in careers. You can't assume a college degree = success.

  12. They cannot have college degree but they work hard building a background to develop their skills and reach out an amazing performance an what they do. Whatever college degree doesn't make extraordinary people before you don't willing enough to build extraordinary results.

  13. College is a waste, when you can be self taught through books, online educational tool like Coursea, Udemy, or even Khan Academy. Plus Working at firm who continues to enhance you professionally and what not. Better to avoid debt and opportunity cost of lost wages. Its pointless my degree was nothing but a cool fabric my parents can wear during a conversation with my community. Would preferred me and my parents traveling to exotic places buying some jewelry to show off because at least we all enjoy spending the money. But its cool still got my youth pay this debt off with a vengeance and warn the next generation.

  14. Hmm…

    I akin different degrees to different stocks. My problem is I wouldn't invest $40,000 one a single stock or currency. I'd spread it out.

    Therefore, to achieve the same return on investment as you would have 30 to 40 years ago, for an average degree, you have to learn at least as much outside of school as within, investing in books, online courses, mentors…?

    One avenue— either outside school or your degree— is decided upon based upon your passion; the other what is most likely to obtain the biggest return on investment, although avoiding any fields you cannot stand. Most people tend to make decisions of study based on either love or money— could not both be done, one in and out of school? Even increasing the likelihood that you can make and impact from having more skills, there creating the triad that could lead to true fulfillment? Just wondering…



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