Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to eight criminal counts including tax fraud, false statements to a bank and campaign finance violations tied to his work for Trump.

CNN : Deputy US Attorney: Cohen will pay a very serious price



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  1. And they come after the little people that gets scammed out of their pennies by these people quicker than they go after them. Wow SMFH Thank y'all so much

  2. BWAHAHA….Still NOTHING on Trump. Mueller is simply wasting taxpayer's money. I hope none of you are foolish enough to contribute to Cohen's gofundme page. What a bunch of idiots Mueller, Cohen, and Cohen's two-faced lawyer are. This is simply another "L" for the Deep State team. ((((YAWN)))) it's all getting boring and soooo obvious it's nothing but a witch hunt!!!!!

  3. If a simple man such as Cohen is able to pull off such a scam then a deep internal investigation should be made to expose everyone who is corrupt in filing fraudulent tax forms.DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  4. Make that speech when trump get found for treason, tax evasion,and Russia.Shut up man keep trying not to mention trump.tell trump about the law.tell trump that.shut up you are not taking question.

  5. When Clinton settled his case with Paula Jones, was that a campaign contribution? Of course not, he was a democrat. How is settling a case through an attorney a campaign contribution? It's not; just ask John Edwards and the jury that acquitted him. Hack prosecutors can't make a private settlement a campaign contribution just by calling it such. No issue preclusion, no res judicata here. But all those here, with your Trump Derangement Syndrome, will need to look up what I'm talking about.

  6. CNN PLEASE REPORT ON EPA =Allows coal plants, coal fired power plants to continue burning coal to not have to modernize and reduce emission. This administration is willing to kill more 1,000 people each year just to pander to those few remaining coal miners in this country
    Hoping that they're going to continue vote republican

  7. Amendment 2nd against the culture of impunity free of federal corruption, now #POTUS oath Art. II to fires #AG #jeffsessions for treason and violation of the US Constitution, he is an outlaw, the first one reaches the job, and after, to allow unconstitutional Russia Prove, for conceal the #115 #USACongress installed 1.3.2017 that made omission of imperative Amendment XII for not count the votes invalid of unconstitutional candidate woman #HillaryClinton not eligible for president, also he fraudulently, himself recusing himself, to than show that the same to reject appoint a 2nd Special Counsel using is nickname to hide activity of an illegal special prosecutor, but it is so criminal his mentality, that he allows the criminal Russia Prove Team, continue to arm the Hoax criminal against the @POTUS as showed when a disarming DAGNY Robert Khuzami [ who was recorded of maximum individual donation contributed $23,000 for presidential candidate opposite of Trump ] and FBI agent worked outlaw the self-incrimination of Michael Cohen, the same Cohen rigged it is self-incriminating [as show AG who himself recusing ], with intent to hide its acts of blackmail against its clients, violating the Amendment V, this great offense crim The fact that it was done by the Deputy of NY, is a sample of the culture of impunity free of federal corruption, which has to be sanctioned.

  8. The goddam government has committed dozens of felonies in multiple location in the short time it took to post this remark. Russian mob rules Israel and the Wall Street mob rules America. I must apologize. With a name like Cohen it can only be a Stein or burg powerful enough to take them down. Whatever synagogue Lois Lerner belongs too is the place to go for carte blanc freedom to screw over whomever you like. Once again Jews persecuting Christians.


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