The Networking Doctors : Degree or Certification?



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  1. Gotta say thank you for writing your subnetting book and all your video courses It's helped me immensely. I'm currently studying for my CCENT and CCNA I currently have A+ and Net+ will get Sec+ after CCENT and CCNA. i've watched video after video about subnetting and it just never clicked and always said i'm never gonna remember all this math/formulas (Math has always been my weak area) I have a lot of your courses on Udemy as well and saw you mention your book in a few of the videos and gotta say i had my doubts because i've studied other methods of subnetting as well. Yours is by far the best and easiest to understand. I like the way Cisco press books break it down but fear it would take far too long on exam day. My sincerest thanks for all you do Laz and for helping me out with my goals!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!


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