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BucketHeadNation : Dad Reacts to Best Twitch Donations (Text To Speech) Compilation



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  2. Irrelevant to this particular video, but your dad has a heart of gold dude. He is such a nice, humble, funny, good guy. I just love him so much and I don't even know him xD

  3. People think it's funny to use the most offensive word they can think of. Most of the people who say those things aren't legit racist but they do it to push buttons. It's just trolling. If it hurts someone's feelings then it's a successful troll. It's just the internet.

  4. Bruuh so glad I found this random ass video in my recommended feed. Lovin’ this channel already bruh. Good to see that you and your dad gettin along and gettin good laughs in. That’s not the case for me tho, I’m not close to my dad at all and haven’t seen him in 2 years. Aaaand with that lovely note, that’s a insta sub for me bois

  5. I still get onto my gma for saying that damn word. But you know. Old dog new tricks. Doesn't really work. The was a good reaction vid though your dad's sense of humor is really good I like how he can pretty much just brush it off and keep going. Have a good day guys.

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  7. Before I start, this is just. General announcement which doesn’t have anything to do with the channel owner)s).
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    Nanodrones flying into your ear, and toggling a kill switch what if hackers get them… would it be as bad as Th TSAR?/most powerful bomb to date?


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