Consider this situation HANDLED

Consider this situation HANDLED

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  1. This is the best thing I’ve seen since the post where the guy fucked with his ex’s Nest thermostat in the middle of the night. You know, raise the heat to 80 on summer nights etc.

    EDIT: Ok apparently the thermostat thing is actually really fucked up.

  2. GOT EM

    I did this too kind of.

    My ex had my Hulu subscription- until we broke up. It hadn’t been but 24 hrs and I kicked her off.

    She can go back to that fucker Patrick’s account which still had the ads

  3. Man I had a so called homie get in my settings and change every damn thang to keep their Netflix viewership on MY account. I was impressed and salty at the same time LMAO. PS last season of scandal was trash. She be aight lol


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