Coach puts on his professional face

Coach puts on his professional face

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  1. Dan Hurley is an absolute madman. He is always this passionate about the players. I had friends who worked with the team he worked for previously, this is his mode even during practice.

  2. This is what having classroom management is like as a teacher.

    I’ll be talking to some little girl about how her mom is taking her shopping Saturday. See some boys acting like dipshits in the hallway, verbally destroy them, then turn back, sorry Haiylee! Omg so you’re going to which mall?!?

    The key isn’t actually being mad. It’s being able to sound like you’ll throat punch a 13 year old when needed.

  3. Any UCONN fans remember the Tate George game winner vs Clemson in ‘90? Calhoun was jumping up and down like a mad man then pulled it together to calmly shake the other coach’s hand. Reminds me of that, minus the face slap.

  4. For anyone who doesn’t know, Syracuse vs UConn is one of the biggest rivalries of the year for these 2 teams and in NCAA. This game is always the most hyped up and biggest one people go to.

  5. This was actually my high school coach. He would tell us in time outs if we were up that it was time to step on the other team’s throats and to finish them. As soon as the huddle broke he’d be all smiley and act like he didn’t just tell us to figuratively murder people


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