If you ever have to co-parent with a controlling ex, you’ve come to the right place. Divorce alone takes so much but how do you cooperate with a controlling co-parent? Here are 5 strategies I have for you:

1. Stay focused on the kids.
2. Create the best world possible.
3. Solve the problems in your world.
4. Practice forgiveness.
5. How can I do this?

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Video by Nate Woodbury

Live On Purpose TV : Co-Parenting With A Controlling Ex

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  1. Thank you so much for your videos. Truly Appreciate you. Can you do a video regarding people who have children with a narcissist (never married). My question is how far can I go with no contact when he is barely in the picture.

    My situation: He was not in the picture for over 5 years. Found out we were doing well, then SUED me for custody and wanted me to have to pay him child support. He moved from out of state to the state where we live and got a job at my bank; which mean he possibly has access to my bank accounts. He has no home, no car, no phone etc, so also likely wanted to use our daughter to be able to get public assistance, bigger tax refunds, and child support from me. He only visited her during the 1 year court case. He did not get legal or physical custody, but they did award him visitation, which he does not use, he stopped seeing her for over a year now once he “lost” the case in his eyes since he did not gain anything financially. In fact, they are now making him pay me child support, which I’m sure caused a narcissistic injury. My daughter and I moved for a fresh start, and he has now MOVE again and lives somewhere near by a couple streets away. He is also likely now working at my bank branch around the corner from our new home. When we saw him walking down the street, he refused to make eye contact and acts as if he does not want to be seen or bothered. I don’t understand, why did he go out of his way to move to our city so close and transfer his job if he does not want to be seen or does not want to see his daughter? BIG QUESTION: IF HE CONTACTS US SOME TIME IN THE FUTURE, AM I OBLIGATED TO RESPOND, DROP WHATS GOING ON IN OUR LIVES AND START RESPONDING AND LETTING HIM SEE HER AGAIN AND COME IN AND OUT OF HER LIFE WHEN EVER HE PLEASES SINCE TECHNICALLY HE WAS AWARDED VISITATION??? Sorry for all the details, but there are no videos out there addressing this situation. Thank you sooo much for your help, I can’t thank you enough!

  2. The two worlds thing is a good way of looking at it. My world is in a different country to my xh's. Luckily I never cared what the rules were at my x's house. I do feel I could have hidden my wounds and my distress, worry, anxiety and pain from the children more though. Gotta a lot of crap parenting to make up for.


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