It takes 2 to make a child so it should take 2 to take care of a child. People may be one way in the beginning of a relationship and later turn out to be a totally different person towards the end or after children come. We’ve all been heartbroken or been in a failed relationship before so we’ve all chosen people who may not have been right for us but you live and you learn..

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Sw33tSparkl3 : Co-parenting, Absent Fathers, Single Mom Problems, RANT

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  1. My mom is a single parent and she went through a lot with me and my sister.

    Philippians 4:6-7 
    International Children’s Bible

    6 Do not worry about anything. But
    pray and ask God for everything
    you need. And when you pray,
    always give thanks. 7 And God’s
    peace will keep your hearts and
    minds in Christ Jesus. The
    peace that God gives is so great
    that we cannot understand it.

    1 Peter 5:7 
    International Children’s Bible

    7 Give all your worries to him,
    because he cares for you.

    Proverbs 12:25 
    International Children’s Bible

    25 Worry makes a person feel as if
    he is carrying a heavy load.
         But a kind word cheers up a

  2. I haven’t commented in Forever but couldn’t pass up that your rant is a mom rant…period. There are those of us with support and still have to do it all ourselves. My kids and I have years and years of memories without their dad. I told people I was a ‘married single mom’ for many years.

  3. I feel exactly how you feel. My son is 2 years old and he's father has been supporting him on and off, not paying child support regularly and not visiting and spending time with him regularly. I feel so angry and frustrated most of the time because I have to deal with this, while being a university student, working part-time and still trying my best to take care of my child. I'm so happy you made this video because I can relate 100%.

  4. Maaaan i been through dat same BS with my daughter dad & his azz lived around da corner & had every excuse as to why he couldn't see her…& now she 9 years old & tell him every excuse…lol & i let her!! She don't have to go over there ever if she doesn't want to. But he only call holidays anyway….so we'll see him in passing & its just sad to see his face whn she don't want a huge or kiss or any love from him

  5. Sweet Sparkle, you holding it down like a BOSS ❤️ You’re so Right There’s no excuse for not texting, calling after making plans. It’s so sad 😞 the fathers don’t have the connection with the boys. Creamation of Care : look it up. Bohemian Grove grown men praying to their god baal for men to not care. They literally sacrifice babies to baal. It’s biblical and practiced today and you will be surprised who attend these barbaric meetings. It’s nothing new ! My sperm donor never knew me. He was murdered for his ss check. I cried because I knew we would never ever NEVER EVER have a relationship. We had 1 meal together That’s it. Mothers don’t have or want that burden of not providing or letting our children know anything else but love, sacrifice that we are there always and forever. I know you have a great father!!!!!!!!! You are blessed girl. I know it’s not the same with your mother. You can rant All you want 🤗 Your hair is lovely by the way 💗

  6. It's always good to help get things out. As, I feel it's sort of a spitball cleansing of that is weighing you down, and it allows for you to renew your soul and bring in more positive energy, into your spirit, into your, heart, and mind, so that you can be at greater peace overall. There's nothing wrong with letting go of the hurt, because it's a spiritual cleansing of sorts that we all need. In order to get through whatever hurts us, we first must let that hurt and pain that's been inside us go, whether it means crying, shouting, whatever you have to do to let it out, just do it, and then allow yourself to feel free, and know that no matter what you go through, as long as you keep praying, and having faith in God, he will always make a way, no matter what!

    I love with all my heart, boo! I'm still trying to get myself straight after what happened to me last week, but through it all, I know that God is there and that I can always count on him no matter what I go through, to carry me through it.


  7. Reminds me of my father, God bless his soul. He sent money but consistently called me and gave me false promises for me to only be let down. The kid will notice and form their own opinion one day, but NEVER try to cover for the absentee! I’m not a single parent, but my fiancée doesn’t help me do anything. I deal because I want my kids to grow up with their dad. He is sweet and loving but is very lazy outside of working outside the home. Prayers for you!

  8. EJ said, "Yeah momma!! Tell em!!" 😡😐😠😠😂😂 I will never understand parents that don't want to be with their kids for every moment that they can. I can't go one day not seeing or even speaking to my nephew and I didn't birth him not one day. Totally understand your annyoance. People not keeping their word is just mind boggling to me. ESPECIALLY when it comes to your kids. At the end of the day, your son will know who was there for him when he gets older, and there ain't no point tryna be in his life then when your knees are rickety and you old and want family around you smh!!

  9. Single mom struggle!!!! U are not alone going thru it now!!!! Xcuses, lies my baby crying, now my daughter get wit him WHENEVA HE feel lyk being daddy n be lyk i want my mommy cuz i am all she knows momma baby! Then wanna act lyk everything all good yet u got attitude when i reach out 4help lyk i am a burden but God knows n hear our cry he provides!

  10. I remember when I was a little girl and my dad say he would come and get me I would sit at the window looking for him, I would be blowing his phone up he would never come and he would call a whole week later like nothing happened. Kids remember that stuff always.

  11. Although I’m not a mom and I can’t relate to how you’re feeling I do care ☺️……. It’s okay to rant and let off steam. You are so real and that’s what I like about you. You’re one of the most honest and genuine you tuber I have ever watched , and I love that about you. You’re doing an amazing job as being a mother and I am proud that you managed to balance being a mom, work and still be active making videos. God has you and your family and will continue to bless you…….. Thanks for being you!!!!!

  12. Good morning dollbaby all men play games so u can stress ur hair out Lol small joke really do not tolerate bs ur raising boys their watching u yes, ur right it's a new day God got u 100% glad ur feeling better just morning have a great day.

  13. You started the video speaking to my thoughts all the time 😩🤦🏽‍♀️ always lying… NCNS…. I’m going thru this now. My kids dad go months without even calling

  14. Oh Sparkle!!!! Lord knows I was you for years!!! My daughter's dad is still an absentee dad..he made every single excuse there daughter is now 16 years old..and his excuse now, is that I'm married and he don't want to get involved with my husband.. !! Bruh, like what!? Are you for real!? Now, he's calling and texting and wanting to speak to "his' daughter and she's not having it!! Funny thing is he lives a whole continent away and is 5hrs ahead (time wise) but he be calling right on time..she just watches the phone ring.. Ain't nobody has time for that!! He had his chance and he blew it!! Lord knows how hard I had things and how I sacrifice for my daughter… Bless my husband for stepping up and in.. sparkle, you will look back at this and be proud that you kept it together.. The love for your boys is more than that dude can provide!! As you said..God's got you!!!

  15. Hi Sparkle good morning, yes ma'am I completely understand where you're coming from. Sis and the thing that gets me, is they have the nerve to have other people believing that they're involved in the kids lives on a consistent bases. Just lying, and the crazy thing is people believe them too. Hun I have this rant more times than I can remember but you're right God got it. Enjoy your day sis!❤

  16. I know exactly what you going thru eventually I just said fuck it. And changed my phone number and told my ex husband just live yo life cus we don't need ya. Instead of just disappointment after disappointment now there's nothing to be disappointed by cus poof he's gone. Now a lot of ppl don't agree with what I did but I have to think about my mental health before I think about his relationship wit his child because I am the sole caretaker so I need to stay sane and out of jail. So maybe a little tough love for a while will work out in the end

  17. I can totally relate. I used to be worried that my son wouldn't understand why I made some of the decisions that I made. I hoped he would see for himself that his dad wasnt making any real efforts. It's one thing to lie to me but don't lie to my baby..huge no no! My son's older now, almost 12 and he sees it for himself now. He's seen it for some time, probably since he was about he picks and chooses when he wants to go with his dad and I allow it. I warned his dad for years that if he wasn't going to be consistent and make a real effort, a day was gonna come where I would no longer force my son to go when he'd pop up…the day is here! Keep your head up mama!😘 SN: I just got an unexpected lump sum child support payment, that I KNOW he didnt voluntarily pay. Wont He do it!

  18. Chiiillle you preaching to the CHOIR ! Went through the SAME THING with my oldest daughter's father (She will be 23 in November)and Boo I was YOU! But I would tell him you don't put in the time NOW…when she gets older she gonna deal with you like you deal with HER…when she FEEL LIKE IT. It happened…then I got accused of turning her against him….BOY BYE!!! Keep your head up sweetie and remember….kids don't stay kids for long and they are VERY SMART! If baby daddy don't change he'll regret it in the long run…. especially when he shows up and the little doesn't even have 2 words for him…. trust…. I've been there. Keep praying. Shoot my husband here with me but these kids will still MOMMY ME TO DEATH LOL!! I tell them I'm gonna change my name lol!! Hang in there…You got this!

  19. Girl I understand you 100%.My ex hasn't always kept his word and it would pissed me off Sometimes I get so frustrated that I get so hard on myself for having a child with him.Now thing have gotten better since he is in a new living situation but I try to tell myself don't expect anything more than what I should because when I do I get disappointed. So when he is ready to pick up our child I've have him ready and when he doesn't I have to make it work in spite of .We can't control another person's action we can only control what we do !


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