Cleveland-Cliffs CEO Lourenco Goncalves speaks exclusively to CNBC about his earnings conference call where he berated analysts. Goncalves defends his behavior and says he’s different than other CEOs.

CNBC Television : Cleveland-Cliffs CEO: I wasn’t bashing analysts, had to call out bad math

Conference Call


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  1. This goes WAY beyond sticking up for a company. This CEO acted like a complete jerk. His shocking comments were beyond the pale and inconsistent with the temperament expected of a CEO leading a 3 Billion dollar company.

  2. Thumb up for the CEO; Thumb down for the analyst- perhaps a kid fresh out from college; Today’s markets were manipulated by those irresponsible “analysts”. CEOs have the rights / obligations to defend for their companies!

  3. Mentioning facts? Since when "you are an embarrassment to your parents" "we are going to screw this guy so bad that he is not only going to resign he will commit suicide." is mentioning facts. This guy is a bully and vicious. Same bully you have encountered in your high school. So in high school he would be called a bully but as an adult he should be seen as an alpha male. No he is just a good old bully.

  4. LG baby, defending the shareholders! The fake analysts who are somehow still employed do nothing but bash this great AMERICAN growth story. They would rather suck up to their sugar daddy Xi then support blue-collar job creators like this. Goldman is flooded with Obama loving Interns though, so no wonder they want to sell out the US for pennies on the dollar.

  5. I agree with him 100%. The facts do not matter only the headline. He should have chosen his words better but he should call out mistakes like this on the call.


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