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China has begun a controversial experiment to get to know its people better. The government is tracking its citizens’ behaviour, from smoking on a train to jaywalking. If a person’s score drops low enough, he or she could be banned from travelling or taking out a loan. Our team on the ground reports.
Meanwhile, Japan’s trains run like clockwork. Over the course of the entire year, Japanese high-speed trains are behind schedule by only 30 seconds. And if they leave early, they even apologise. This punctuality goes beyond engineering, it’s also cultural.
Finally, we discover a dance group in Taiwan that specialises in hip-hop. Its members wear shiny shoes, headbands, and bright purple basketball jerseys with big afros on the front. None of that may sound particularly remarkable, but their average age is more than 70 and their oldest member is 91 years old.

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FRANCE 24 English : China introduces ‘social credit score’ for citizens




  1. Honestly, that social credit score doesn't sound bad if its non racist, biased and is based off of integrity.

    That Japan part. Someone honestly taking pride in keeping their word…cool.

  2. bad idea as its not bad behaviour even if your dok barks too much or rubbish outside or rtoo many games too many friends ytoo many anything your fked and this will be rolled out worldwide soon

  3. This is BS. I'm pretty sure the bit of speech we saw about punishing as a disincentive was edited from a statement that covered positive incitivisment too. I'm not pro Chinese Social Credit, it's positively dystopian, but logically the rewards part had to be included and the news edit chose to leave it out to make it look bad.
    Positive Social Credit ain't so bad. It is practiced from an early age in countries like (for example) the US, Japan and others for years. When Students get involved in school activities, after school, and fundraisers they are rewarded for those almost as much as for academic achievements.
    And while we don't offer punishments for not achieving a Social Credit score, those "unsocial" elements are less likely to get those choice University places… So we sort of do.
    Charity worker get awards and honors with people like "long serving" crossing guards getting things like a CBE in the UK.
    But trust China to take it too far and make it creepy, and oppressive.

  4. We already have a social credit system here in the west right now! It's fully functional and most of you hate it to death.

    If you are a minority (<1%) they your feelings and your choices have a higher social credit score than those of the vast majority (>99%)

    That's how cultural Marxism works, higher "merit" points are assigned to the darlings of the left and negative points are assigned to the rest of us (negative points mean that our opinions are toxic in the form of hating the darlings)

    It's right here under our noses…YES we do live in an authoritarian communist society already. Sorry to be the one who does the mic drop on you

  5. I have one thing to say about this…CREEPY A.F. !!! Ya, ummm, I don't think so. It's really a shame that the people of China don't know, and therefore have never experienced freedom, or what it's like to be FREE. This way of thinking is so completely backwards… It's sad.

  6. If you leave your trash out you become lower on the scale? I thought they were trying to actually give a bad credit score to people like murderers and pedophiles. Instead they're going to punish you for picking your nose in public. What a bunch of horseshit this is

  7. Mainland chinese people were indoctrinated to be selfish, cruel and simple minded. Mainland chinese(communist chinese) received 1984 style brainwashing since nursery school.

  8. Wouldn't it make more sense to have plane and train tickets CHEAPER for their "bad" citizens? If they aren't conducive to your society why would you make it more difficult for them to leave?

  9. FRANCE 24, 4 out of 5 of your interviewees (excluding the official) support the scoring system, only one opposes it. So it gets 80% of support. Why did you NOT exercise your principle of democracy & call it people's will, people's choice? Why do you ignore Chinese people's choice? Are you saying ONLY YOU know what's better for the Chinese? Why do you have much to judge?

  10. End of USSR and North Korea, but the start for the entire world like USSR and North Korea with total control. Intersting to see how people will be able to defend own rights in future. I think police and media will be used to delete them. :(((((
    People are huge idiots! :((((
    Plus military bases of NATO around the world. Plus AI. Plus worldwide ignore about killings of Palestinians. Who will be next? THe world is too Jewish. It is time to delete the Zionists, the Jewish mafia, the criminal Jews, greedy cancer of the world.
    Trump, Putin, Poroshenko, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, Merkel, Macron, Isreal…
    Free Ukraine from Jewish occupation!
    Return the land of Israel to Palestine!
    USA – United Synagogue of America!

  11. Hu Jia is not a worthy person. His logic is inconsistent. He is angry against China in a very Chinese way, a childish way from Western perspective. Nevertheless, he survives by the free AIDS medicines giving to him by China. Hu Jia has no clue about the West. Hu Jia has no following in China. He is considered a piece of street trash. Why such a piece of Chinese trash go on to France 24 English to insult Chinese people? Because to survive, Hu Jia says things the West wants to hear. From this, we see how stupid and desperate, France really is.


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