Loads of people are wanting to modify their car after passing their test. I thought I would share my personal experince and tips on how to do so!
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BWTV : CHEAP Modified Car Insurance at the Age of 17-19



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  1. I’m 16 single
    Live with my single mum
    The car will be parked on a driveway
    It has a dash cam
    It’s a 2008 m3 2497cc petrol manual
    It is used to get to work and social

    I’m not 17 yet can someone give me a quote cause I can’t do it online because I’m underage

  2. Don't mod the car too heavily, if you lower it don't lower it much. If you buy different alloys go for a standard size in the model range with factory wheels. I went from 15" rims to 16" with my old 97 BMW 323i, sticking with BMW wheels. Should anything have happened 16" wheels were an option for my car when it was new.
    As long as it looks somewhere near standard and the car is old nobody is going to dispute anything in court. If the wheels are huge or aftermarket and tucked under the arches then the mods are obvious. Exhausts do jack and remaps can't be proved if done correctly, not with one of those piggy back devices.
    You could argue a looked after old car with new parts is safer than an old neglected standard car with worn out parts.


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