Celebrating democracy in the USA!

Celebrating democracy in the USA!

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  1. The legality of taking photos/videos in polling locations varies state-by-state:


    We don’t know where opp lives so stop reporting it as ‘illegal’


    Edit: OP lives in Indiana where it’s legal:


    While I’m here: **GET OUT AND VOTE YA SCALLYWAGS!**

  2. Question: What’s stopping these voting machines showing what you selected correctly, but saving the wrong data? For example in the GIF what’s stopping them from saving his vote as (JIM LEWIS) but showing him BRENDEN BETZ?

  3. Why not have something similar to a lot of ATM’s with the built in buttons that line up with the options, if you can’t do touch screen right don’t do it at all.


  4. I hate these touch screens. It’s not that the program is trying to flip your vote, it’s that touch screens are very sensitive and have to be calibrated just right, or else the place your finger touches selects the wrong thing. This is a touch screen calibration problem. Does it contribute to confusion and incorrect voteS? Yes definitely, and that is why they should not be used at all. But it is not a trick, it’s just a shitty hardware/software problem.

  5. Honestly I don’t think it’s a conspiracy. Have you ever tried to order off them new-fangled McDonald’s kiosks? Or those Movie theater ticket ones? That’s how I brought in 200 McNuggets to a showing of Sherlock Gnomes.

    I only wanted 100


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