Can’t turn away for a second.

Can’t turn away for a second.

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  1. I remember the day my garage door wasn’t strong enough to lift me anymore. One day your dad picked you up then set you back down, never to pick you up again. I never had a dad but I did have that garage door.

  2. That feeling you get when you realize you’ve gone past the point of no return…

    “Well I could just let go, CRAP already past that point but it’s only going to get worse so maybe… ok now I’m truly and utterly screwed. sigh…”

  3. I think mom did a pretty good job. Had probably set the brake on the stroller. Moves a little when she gets the baby but doesn’t roll after. Nice 1 armed catch. 9/10.

  4. As a parent of a 5 year old girl my eyes were never off her older kid. The baby in the chair wasn’t even a concern as it seems the kid is in the honeymoon period of I won’t try to kill myself. That said, I’m impressed the kid held on so long.

  5. My range of emotions went from *Oh, that damn dog* to *oh shit, there’s a baby in that stroller* to *oh my god it’s that one?* followed by shock that she held on so well, turned to *omg she’s gonna smash her fingers* to *whew, she’s ok, but somebody get her down* to *Ok she’s safe now, I can LOL*

  6. This is how crafty toddlers trick their parents into teaching them swear words. Do something potentially life threatening to shock the parent, parent swears, boom!

    At the next family gathering you have a three year old strutting about the place going “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit…”


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