Canned Dog food is also safe to eat after 200 years

Canned Dog food is also safe to eat after 200 years

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  1. Tony Stark: If my math is right – and it always is – three gigajoules per second.

    Yinsen: [amazed] That could run your heart for fifty lifetimes!

    Tony Stark: Yeah… or something big for fifteen minutes.

  2. I’m pretty sure the fusion core is supposed to be a back up or something.
    When I take them out the lights flicker but go back on and it’s not like the lifts stop working. So
    I think it’s like a back up battery for the generators that don’t have cores or something

  3. People also fail to clean up skeletons in the same building they’re selling food from.

    And I’m not even going to get started on the folks who locked caps and Jet in safes before the bombs fell…just in case.

  4. I guess it depends on whether or not its a battery or just a container of fusion-able material like helium3 or something. I could imagine maybe a portable fusion reactor built into the power armour being less efficient than a larger scale one. suspending disbelief is kinda mandatory for fallout though. i mean we’re meant to believe that the 1950s lasted for 120 years.

    perhaps its like the difference between how long AAA batteries last in a TV remote control, vs a toy remote controlled car. months vs hours

  5. You’d imagine powering a building would take more energy than powering a large metal suit, that doesn’t even move totally by itself(obviously it’s just assisted movement since you can still move, albeit very slowly, with no fusion core. I mean even if it used more power, to run through 200 years worth of enough power to fuel a large building in a few in game hours seems like a stretch. I’m sure they tried to explain it somehow though and I’m curious to hear said explanation of anyone knows it.

  6. Well the Fusion batteries were running on empty when you find them, anyway.

    They last 200 years, and since you get out of the vault after 200 years it’s a shock that any of them would work at *all.*

  7. This has been explained quite well in a video on the science of video games.
    Also it’s a video game.
    Also tinned food can in some cases remain safe for hundreds of years. Because some tinned food from the 1800s was opened recently… still perfectly edible. So there’s that.

  8. Power armor probably wasn’t designed to be power-efficient just like tanks aren’t designed to be fuel efficient, Fallout is a pretty big play on American consumerism I mean look at the things you can find in the trash. That and each fusion core can set off an explosion the size of a small mini nuke so they probably didn’t want a super-powerful one because that would probably cause a catastrophic chain reaction and say a warlike scenario where a lot of power armor is going down or getting blown up.

    I’ll even go a little further and say that every Fusion core you find is plugged into a power generator the size of a truck. So I imagine those have something to do with power distribution and battery life. I always thought of fusion cores as long-lasting sources of power that when combined with other machinery can our more powerful and bigger things for longer amounts of time. Rather than super powerful batteries that can power anything you plug it into no problem.

    Even in the large industrial areas where seemingly one Fusion core powers the entire complex there are still dozens of auxiliary generators near that Fusion core generator. So I imagine they have something to do with power distribution.

  9. Didn’t they find like 100 year old canned strawberries and they were fine nutrition-wise, but stated just a little stale? I remember reading somewhere that properly canned food will last essentially as long as the container remains intact.


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