There are many reasons why people don’t budget. They would rather play the odds.
But with Budget Insurance, you can’t afford not to.
Get a quote today and save up to R380pm* on your car insurance.
It’s affordable, ‘cos you can’t afford not to.

*Based on 2018 independent research. Ts&Cs apply. FSP:18178

Budget Insurance : Budget Insurance – Natasha



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  1. Budget Insurance has personally ruined my finances and my holiday plans.

    One day in August 2018, on a Friday afternoon, I was driving my boyfriends car (which he has listed me as a driver on the insurance policy) and out of the blue, a man who was reversing from his parking reversed straight into the left handed doors of our Susuki Swift (I was driving along a road and not parking at all).
    Our car was damaged on both doors, the man who drove into us – nothing damaged on his Ford Montana, where the bulbar had only inflicted damage onto our car.
    Fast forward two months later – our car is still not repaired, and even though the accident was clearly not my fault (the man who bumped into us even admitted fault in the casefile and affidavit), I am dealing with a possible R8000 loss for the excess- with budget telling me that they will TRY and recover the monies from the other man’s insurance company.
    Having dealt with my own insurance company throughout the years -Outsurance, I have never had a problem with them and have only ever had a friendly experience, even receiving my OutBonus. My dealings with budget have been far from perfect, and they will soon be losing another customer (my boyfriend) due to the following reasons.
    1. Rude customer service when enquiring through the legal department about the excess. I have to pay this excess – R8000- which is going to take all my savings, which I have saved towards my December holiday (which is probably not going to happen anymore thanks to this, as even if Budget do get my money back, it could takes MONTHS), as I am a PhD student who is still studying, this money is coming straight out of my hard earned savings.
    2. Having an accident is already a traumatic experience, Budget seems to play on this trauma through its employees who clearly have no customer service training, I invite whoever is reading this from Budget to go and listen to that call where I asked to speak to a manager or someone who is higher up, and I was REFUSED.
    3. Budget’s motto is – Affordable, cos you can’t afford not to. This statement is a lie. I am facing extreme financial stress for a accident that was not even my fault, and on a policy which is excessively overpriced. I have phoned Outsurance for a quote on the same car and its R300 LESS a month than what my boyfriend is paying on his Budget policy. In this case Budget’s motto should be – Budget, cos you can’t afford to.
    4. I am extremely disappointed in their service and I discourage anyone who wants to join Budget because as I asked the lady from the Budget Legal Department today, what is the point of having insurance when you are forced into extreme financial distressing situations such as this one. Insurance companies are supposed to have your back and they are supposed to make things easier for you when there is an accident, this company is only after your money and not interested in helping you.
    5. It is clear that this a problem that Budget has to address, looking at their reviews on sites such as Hello Peter and Facebook, they have a terrible rating and are not recommended by many people.
    Thank you Budget for making sure that I can’t take a holiday this year after all my hard work during my PhD.


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