Bro support his Homies

Bro support his Homies

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  1. love how he handled the questions, not screwing over the mate when it came up, but still supporting him.
    the bit about the languages was top, he wasn’t going to dump a language on some random guy, but he was still supporting that he “was bilingual”
    and the appearance question was handled excellently.
    I love how it seemed the questions were getting more and more specific, from “general history” to “where do you know him from” to “what language does he speak” I wonder what other questions they were planning to ask. “what shirt size should we get him, it seems we forgot to note it down in the interview?”

  2. I once got an unexpected reference call from an excellent co-workers new perspective boss. She asked me ‘how do you like working with her,’ I was about to walk into a final and wasn’t really think, I said honestly I hate it.

    You could tell she was a bit taken back, and she asked why. I explained that I consider myself a very hard worker and she always put me to shame and I hadn’t met someone who had done that before. Apparently they offered her the job within 5 minutes of getting off the phone with me.

  3. “at a MECHANIC FIRM”???? The captioner gets it right the second time around, but completely missed it on the first one – also I don’t know that I’ve ever worked with any mechanic firms.


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