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April LaJune : BREAKING-Did You Know Your Mortgage is Fraud?




  1. The borrower signs and notarizes the security instrument at the same time as signing (and notarizing) the promissory note, at the escrow closing.
    The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) at the Federal and State level describes what procedures validate the debt instruments and security instruments, and how to hypothecate (pledge) and buy/sell those instruments.
    This means that you can borrow money at, say, 6% and then lend it out at, say, 9%.
    You keep the difference between the "spread" of the interest rates.
    You can hypothecate (pledge) to your lender your note and security instrument with your borrower.
    You earn a profit as a middle man that brings together the funds of the lender and the collateral of the borrower.
    All very legal, ethical, and moral.
    Argument from ignorance is a logical fallacy.

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  3. I am trying to pay off a loan that has a balloon payment at the end to avoid paying more I am trying to use homeowners insurance to pay for a new roof and finding out what was paid over a 30 yr loan

  4. players, shakers and makers of law uphold the entire fraudulent banking and mortgage systems and collude to support the fraudsters in the banks. Has anyone heard of a bank robbery lately anywhere? no? cos they now work on the inside.

  5. There is lies the proplem. DID YOU SIGN THAT NOTE???? In the frauds that I have seen, the Mortgage company sends in fake paperwork with revised numbers and fake signatures on the note. In this case you must provide paperwork and in most case people lose their paperwork and as a resulf have trouble proving their claim. The thing that does help is you can see the fake paperwork as many of them are phony….

  6. Do your research folks, as soon as you sign the Loan it is paid for in full, don't believe me do your research and see for yourself !! The Gov. monetizes your signature. There is no such thing as foreclosure it does not exist its all Fraud.

  7. Bank of America had my mortgage for a few years. I usually paid each month by mail. One month I was running a few days late for the mail to get it there in time for me not to owe late charges so I took cash and went to a Bank of America branch to pay my mortgage. The bank flat out refused to accept my cash for my mortgage payment! I had to go to the counter and get a money order for my cash and then give that money order to the banker. Why?

  8. So bank gets money from tda: they loan it to buyer who agrees the house is collateral. So you are saying its fraud because bank didnt include home buyer into the business of where they got the cash from? If the banks (im not saying to be watchful of them) but if they cant get the cash to loan out?, what are you suggesting buyers should do to get a loan? Other than sue to keep the house for funds already rendered be it less than the promiss to pay? Hmm. I understand the contract is fraudulent but if everyone sues do you bbelieve it would change their practices of fraud?

  9. Though fraudulent, mortgages are actually loans. If you refuse to pay them then you lose your home, plain and simple. The same rule goes for the rent if you don't buy. Don't pay the rent, you're out

  10. Financing is done by the buyer not the Realtor. So Realtors do not have to disclose any financing. I been licensed for 15 years in TX as a real estate licensee, and disclosure is law in TX. But we don't finance. Now I do agree the lender should disclose this to their customers. A Realtor is a member of National Association of Realtors. Not all real estate agents are Realtors. Real estate licensees are just required to disclose the history of the home that they have knowledge of such as (repairs, damage). But you have to prove the agent had knowledge of something. For example if there was a murder in the house it might be in a newspaper, and can be proven with a newspaper clipping. You sound illiterate misusing the word Realtor referring to all real estate agents.

  11. Scandalous & very dangerous behaviour, based on MONEY MAKING for the Banks! Very similar fraud happening in the UK – some of our Banks have been found to be Securitising ONE mortgage numerous times!! We are currently generating Class Actions around the UK for numerous Lenders with the UK's Leading Specialists on Mortgage Securitisation Claims. More information on what we are doing here:

  12. You are a their if you follow this. If you are robbed you can't tell the mortgage company well I was robbed so as soon as I can steal money from the robber I'll pay. Otherwise since I was robbed I don't owe you anything. You are. their if you do this. You are trying to get out if a debt YOU promised to pay.

  13. Maybe I don't understand correctly if you could please explain it to me. But the actual mortgage that you execute at closing is a security agreement, the document is notarized and recorded. What am I missing?

  14. Sounds like complete bullshit. I put in an offer to a corrupt banker for the construction of a new home for every American. I est. The cost at 82.5 trillion dollars or 250k x 330m Americans. This corrupt bank approves me, then I call it fruad and we all get our dream home and ride off in the sunset. Just to sign the declared documents blah blah boogie boo bull shit.

  15. Looking at some of the below comments and one just below this comment, I can see that some people do not listen to April carefully and closely! Also, they make remarks criticizing her when they have not done enough homework on their own. You are not trying to get something for nothing!!! But, if you want to pay the bank back for something that did not cost them anything, be our guest!!! Listen and do your homework!

  16. What is this TDA acct you are talking about? Banks utilize DDA accts which stands for Demand Deposit Acct. This is almost always a checking account which pays NO interest to the customer. They call it Demand Deposit Accounts because those types of accts are in DEMAND by the bank because they make money on your money and don't have to pay any interest to you. Is this TDA some other terminology you are referring to?

  17. May I have your permission to mirror some of your videos on this subject. All credits and links back to you. I do not monetize my info. It only shows ads from videos added to playlists but not uploaded by me. I learned of this about 8 yrs ago but from a bad source and they got arrested. They missed a few steps. I still have some of this paperwork and how to do this in my storage. I put it on my old website about 8 yrs ago and the goober-ment didn't like it and kept messing with my site and messing things up until I got rid of it…….Wish I never had for there was so much info there. They crashed my computer and I lost all my research. so I am starting over again. I've learned the importance of back up and putting info into printed form. I don't like seeing myself on camera so I seek out other that have truth and have made videos. Thank you and have a blessed day.


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