Two end credits scenes from Black Panther.

BigGuy808State : Black Panther: End Credits Scenes [1080p]



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  1. A nation of tribes has more more to offer than a Nation of States. States by law have their own laws that are sovereign where as a nation of Tribes has agreements among the tribes, hence why you see the US fail all the time and resorts to its military to win, but once that is gone and it is prety much gone, it will fail and has begun to fail, hence Trump is its president. Lol.

  2. How does a film that ends with the message we're more alike than we are different and we should work together end up dividing the fanbase more and start discussions about racism and the film being over-rated? God people are messed up, the MCU fanbase has gone to shit now and become all political and prejudiced, after being spoiled by good movie after good movie in a connected universe. R.I.P. to the days people were just happy to see these famous comic book characters together on screen simply just acknowledging each other, because back then people never even thought something like the MCU could even exist.

  3. Thor 3 Post Credit Scene Message: Thor will reutrn in AVENGERS: Infinity War.

    Black Panther Post Credit scene message: Black Panther will return in AVENGERS: Infinity War.

    wot second time with that message


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