Birb sets up camera to film his little dance

Birb sets up camera to film his little dance

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  1. i am the birb

    much talent, me

    jes watch this, fren

    n you will see

    so careful as

    i set the cam –

    you’ll see what good

    dancer i am!

    how’s That? them there

    my *happy feet* !

    now go ahead

    n SHARE,

    n TWEET 😉

  2. It’s like a mating dance. I had a cockatiel his colors were white yellow and orange. He absolutely loved feet especially when they were wearing white socks. He’d look under the heel to see what was going on ie gender I guess lol. Than he would step back and dance!
    We would sing you make me feel like dancing and he would bob and rock then check out the foot in the white sock again. This would continue even more if we kept on singing. He was so cute!


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