Bill Burr shares his financial opinion on living a life which is debt free where you don’t owe anyone a penny, and how student loans rip the young generation off. Also, how people get a big car as soon as they can and chain themselves to their desk for their life.

Audio Clip taken from A Comedy and Philosophy Podcast With Danny Lobell

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Bill Burr University : Bill Burr – Living Debt Free & Student Loan Crisis



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  1. Way ahead of you. Community college taking me 4 yrs. cant go to movies whenever because it affects my budget but i am doing things talked in this podcast to be pre-med. broke enough to not pay for college.

  2. if you're young and want to make a lot of money in the start to pay for school yourself, the oil fields. its hard to get a job but just offer up $1000 to someone who can get you a fly in fly out job in the oil fields and someone will get you one and you'll make a mint.

  3. A penny saved is a penny earned) then your little peice becomes yours,
    And when it’s yours ,what does it matter where it is ,( in the garage or down the street ?, if you can have it now, it becomes yours whether you have it or not ,”that’s” the difference in dreaming and living the dream .

  4. You really mean loan free or bank free Bill. Not debt free because in truth the so called loan of money neither ethically, rationally or even lawfully transpires from the get go considering it is we the people who have been creating money (principal only) all along to pay a debt — contrary to all your bullshit indoctrination about banks loaning us that money.

    Logically to be debt free is an oxymoron considering just spending money is paying a debt, unless Bill is suggesting we do away with any or all exchange of our production altogether including barter which is still paying a debt that of course money otherwise records, evidences & likewise further represents — regardless if the thieving bank is stealing the value of that production a thousand times over in pretend loans due to interest that in fact steals all that much further from each & everyone of us just spending money today.

  5. I LOVE Bill Burr, but not unlike a lot of the few people that take the HUGE gamble he took and it paid off, these successful people always tell others that it is "possible". But that isn't how life works and if EVERYONE was able to do what he did and follow their bliss, there would be no economy. Everybody would be entertaining each other and selling each other shit they don't need. Who would do the "real work"? My point is that it is always the few who make it that get "philosophical" about success after they make it. While they are struggling, they don't talk this shit. However, I respect Bill's minimalism as far as his car and television. Success is freedom, not how much shit you have that you don't need. Trust me, I have a lot of shit I don't need and it is worth a lot less than what I paid for it. LMAO

  6. Tuition is 10% for education and 90% making contacts. It's there to literally pay your dues, so you can be offered a job via contacts and remain in middle / upper-middle class depending on university. Meritocracy only exists in engineering and top % of class in specific universities.

  7. Great advice both of you guys !! People stop buying shit you can’t afford stay debt free – go to trade school or schooling that’s career focused!! Nobody wants to hire you with a liberal arts degree why can’t you snowflakes figure that out

  8. Also we're not taught to prioritize our spending. He mentions car and house, but what about the people who wear name brands but can't afford food? Or their lights are out? Or rent is late? I'm tired of seeing it. So I make videos on my channel about finance and share them with the people who need it most since they don't teach it in school

  9. My grandpa rarely bought things new, wore them to the ground, and saved enough cash to the point of what most people would call insane, even back then. He was debt free, admittedly to a family with a stable family buisness; though they lost it all in the depression, and died debt free, while one of his brothers didn't. He also never used a bank. Always save, get what you need, splurge a little, and avoid complete gambles.

  10. There's no shame in going to community college. I have no regrets. I may not be using my degree now, but I did before in a paid internship. I still treasure that year of my life. Besides that degree gives me something to aspire to besides my current job.

  11. The United States government will pay for a great deal of your college… In trade for military service. I went to four years of school for free after my service. This is the best trade our government is going to give young people.

  12. Feels like I'm the guy (or one of them) he talks about at the end, when he talks about Hendrix.
    I know if certain people read this they will see it as ''an idiot with grand illusions'', but I've been called worse by close people

  13. the thing is for me having a BA in SOMETHING (it doesnt matter what it is) just opens so many doors for you… but i know the real issue is just that i need more money… the way they make it (and mayb I shouldnt believe) is that a BA will qualify you for a lot and you can still get jobs that don't require it and now you have something over a ton of people

  14. I feel like people that lack the foresight to NOT dive into an over inflated scholarship deserve to be scammed. Successful people can think for themselves to create a successful strategy using common sense and some critical thinking skills. People that fall into the trap are the societal sheep that deserve to fall into it, there are people that come out of it stronger and create success. The rest didn't really have it to begin with

  15. I have an solution. You graduate college. You work 6 days a week like my wife and I did and you do not get married for a few years and do not buy a new car or take vacations for a few years and your loans are paid for. It’s that simple…

  16. Student Loans ? when i went for my further education/university in the Netherlands i chose to work for 4 days and go to school for 1 day , and the company paid me ! i bought my own car from my savings in the first year. but true happiness is , going out for a drink or shopping for stuff , and not to worry about your budget 😉

  17. I should have never grown up. Take this job and shove it! I’m being tired of being a no good workin slob. Everyone wants to work their ass off to make the Devils money just so they can get out there and strut that ass! Strut that ass! When you’re in debt and livin paycheck to paycheck you won’t be struttin that ass!

  18. He's right, I went to college for 4 years, and been trying my damndest for the last 5 years and I still have no job, had to move in with my folks recently, it sux. So now I've decided to try and do my own thing, cause nothing else is working still got those student loans to pay off, but whatever. I guess I'll be happier in the long run…I hope, always wanted to do my own thing anyways. good thing I'm still relatively young.

  19. I know my comment will be lost in the infinite universe that is the internet.. but mister bill burr.. Thank you for sharing the thoughts that magically occur in your skull. Those thoughts can be wise..

  20. I disagree on a couple of fundamental concepts here. First, if your passion is in a highly technical or specialized field, good luck applying for work without spending the thousands of dollars to fill your Christmas tree with certifications and degrees. For example, you can’t be a doctor without a piece of paper that requires other pieces of paper (some of which have to be repaid for every x number of years). You would probably go to prison if you get caught doing medicine without them, even though we have psychics advertising in every freaking corner. Heck, with my college degree in biochemistry, my experience as a computer programmer, and an almost finished medical degree, I wouldn’t be accepted into a lab tech position without getting the certification + extra years of training.
    Second, college does give you the exposure to knowledge that will make you a better dissenting citizen. By the time you have gone through the sciences, humanities, and arts, you have seen enough to smell bullshit a mile away. You have also seen enough to make yourself more fluid and hard to enslave. You can put the cuffs of debt in my arms, but you can’t shackle my spirit.
    Third, that’s what the capitalist wants you to believe. They want to discourage education and make it a luck draw, so that the masses are more gullible. They don’t want the 100% be the 1%. Information is power. Your best option is to get what’s yours and let the pigs fight for your crumbs.

  21. I have a whole new respect for bill burr after hearing him talk about this stuff. Way smarter than he gives himself credit for, knows the banking system and how debt works on a personal level. Powerful stuff.


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