How will Jimmy bounce back from tragedy? Don’t miss the Season Premiere, Monday, August 6 at 9/8c.

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Better Call Saul Season 4 Trailer: You Were a Lawyer

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amc : Better Call Saul: ‘You Were a Lawyer’ Season 4 Official Trailer



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  1. I wonder what the "present" day opening will be like this season, Saul passed out while he was at work and I'm gonna bet it's gonna pick up with him at a hospital. Maybe his real identity is unveiled. I have a feeling the present day stuff is going to lead to something big, and it would be possible even for a Jesse Pinkman appearance!

  2. I like Breaking Bad a lot, a lot! But I'm in love with Better Call Saul. Nothing in BB compares to Chuck and his house, last season finale. Exceptional writing in both shows.

  3. ,cool thing is i can tell my friends to jump in this season. Aladdin don't have the attention span for a slow build with careful character building and not much action of violence. Since his brother is dead and he is now Saul, they can start the show here without being lost.

  4. I believe the money that Jimmy stole out of his father's cash register after witnessing is father being a dumbass giving it away to a con,was saved up for Chuck's education.I think what really sent Chuck over the edge was his mother's last dying word "Jimmy"


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