This video helps you to understand , what is term insurance how to select Term Insurance and what are the things which we need to consider while buying term insurance. Like, how many policy to be taken, How much sum insured we should take in term insurance, best insurance company to buy term insurance policy , What policy period one should take in term insurance policy and other important aspect which one should consider while buying term insurance.

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Insurance Technical : Best Term Insurance Policy for You




  1. Bhai koyi bhi private company term insurance ka benefits nominees ko asani se nhi deti,unke office,court ke chakkar Katkar apna time or paisa kharch karo for bhi kuch nahi milta nomminies ko,,it's reality

  2. Absolutely fantastic and very honest presentation on term plan.
    Can you please help me out? I am in govt job aged 51 years with a salary of 22Lpa and also having govt family pension benefit in case of my death to my wife also. I have no significant liabilities and also have well spread investments. Some one suggested me to take Max life term insurance up to the age of 85 years i.e.34 years of premium paying term. Please throw light on this situation.


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