Best picture I've ever taken of my doggo

Best picture I’ve ever taken of my doggo

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  1. Rothgar, defender of the scritches, vanquisher of vacuums. His name is feared, yet revered throughout the lands. On his rock he sits, watching his subjects with an ambivalent yet analyzing gaze.

  2. Wow, had no idea this was going to get the amount of attention it did!

    This is Lotte, a 7 year old Eurasier living on the west coast of Norway, outside Bergen. She likes long hikes in the mountains, posing for photos and belly rubs.

    The photo is taken with my Pixel 2 XL and edited in Snapseed. The grass in the foreground was deliberate and not added afterwards, as I was experimenting and practicing “framing my subject”.

    Would like to officially apologize to Lotte and everyone else feeling offended or insulted for me using the word Doggo, it shall never happen again.


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