You know you can count on us here at Disney Food Blog to narrow down the best Disney World Dining Plan snack credit values for you every year, and here are our picks for 2018!

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DFBGuide : Best Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit Values in 2018!



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  1. Im planning my first Disney trip next year and have qualified for free Disney dining quick service meal which includes 2 snacks… I was wondering how do you know from looking at the menu what is classified as a snack and what is classified as a meal?

  2. Just got back from Disney World, and this video helped us out a lot! We definitely got our money's worth with the dining plan (which was free because we went in the off-season). The Poutine fries in Epcot were great, but they've changed it since this video. They don't serve it with the soup drizzled on top. Now its just a thick beef gravy, but its still very good and worth a snack credit!

  3. I do appreciate this video. We are planning an extended trip in a few months. All the meals are planned out so i appreciate you pointing out these snacks. Some of which I never would have even considered but will now and will also have to organize my dining to accommodate these snacks. Looking forward to taking advantage of your suggestions! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have gone to disney world atleast every other year since i can remember,but for my husband and i's honeymoon and it was the first time i booked the whole pkg with deluxe dining plan,i so wish i knew about your blog then

  5. Starbucks had some good snacks. A huge carrot cake (at least 2 people could share) and a large strawberry ice milk drink (frappuccino) with whipped cream were 2 of my go-to dining plan snacks at Hollywood Studios.

  6. Could you please make a video about best items to turn into a full meal from snack credits? We are making our journey to Disney, and have gone for the Deluxe dining plan (Simply for the coverage of credits for the character dining), for my daughter (7) and myself. Thank you! LOVE your video's!

  7. AJ, hoping you can help. My wife and I will be taking our daughter for her first trip in 2019 to WDW in late October/November for her 5th bday. #1 planning on staying either at the CBR or Wilderness lodge. Heard about CBR construction? Will it be done by then? We plan on making it a true vacation with plenty of relaxing/resort time. #2 we want to also do a character breakfasts one day, a character lunch on another then a memorable dinner on another day. Planning on 6 days / 5 nights. Best Dining plan options? We will visit the parks of course but don't want it to be our majority of time. Our main focus will be food and shows.

  8. I had to stop my niece from loading up on bananas for snack credits – our FIRST day! Poor girl – she got in line and I caught up with her just in time.
    She was using ALL of the allotted credits – wish there was a way to separate out the credits by each person on the reservations.

  9. I got free quick dining plan for next trip! All I’m thinking about is how to maximize and how to not to use credit that way I can bring some pre packed snack back home as souvenirs!
    Aj, can you do pre packaged snack for snack credit??

  10. I love your vids! We are going to Disney World next year and have been in love w your channel! I really appreciate all the suggestions. We are in Cali and go to Disneyland multiple times a year, but have never been to Disney World. Really excited!


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