So I’ve been promising this video to you all for so long and I finally got it together! This is the routine that started it all! I repeated these same workouts for the first 6 months of my weight loss journey until getting my first “Big Gym” membership.. Obviously most (if not all) these moves were much harder than I may make them look. GOOD news is there’s variations/modifications for pretty much everything I showed you in this video.
My current workouts are a bit more intense with HIIT incorporated as I am still doing my best to get the rest of this extra baby weight off as well as lose a total of about 25-30 more lbs before getting my skin removed. Gotta work on my back fat too👀😂. I know y’all peeped it like i did! Lol

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Drop #Day1flex in the comments if you want to see more workout videos! love you guys.

Day1 Million : Beginners Fat Burning Workout | Summer’s Weight Loss Journey

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  1. Do u think it would be good to go from like. Weighing 100 to go down to 75? Will I get a good transform? Btw I’m. Starting next year and will. Subscribe througgghout your journey, so inspiring.

  2. I am proud of you and your motivation.. Don't stop, keep it up. I am in my Post-Surgery phase after having Spine Surgery. I have been in the gym every day or Hiking on my off days. We can share workout videos as a source of motivation. I just sub to you.. Pls sub back and stay subbed.. Let's help each other.. Mahalo.. @MzSugaaa family 3(a's)

  3. Watching your kick ass route makes me feel both inspired but pissed at myself for having 0% will power to stay committed. I have everything I need to begin my weight loss journey, but cannot commit to sticking it out because I know it will require so much effort and will def be uncomfortable. I'm certain if I just bite the bullet my results will be so worth it.

  4. Having my lunch while watching this 1/2 cup rice and a piece of lean meat….i had headaches after gym my upper shoulder muscles aching feel im getting sick.. Ive been at the gym 4xa week .. Wed is my last workout now its Saturday still feeling sick wht do i do.. Its only my 8th session

  5. It's too much for me . I'm a beginner and I'm 320 pounds I workout at planet fitness every time I do squats my knees are sore for days. I'm gonna try the treadmill and the bike for 20 minutes each everyday at the gym and eat healthy and once I lose my first 50 hopefully it will be easier for me to do other workouts

  6. Were you able to plank at 300+lbs? I'm asking because I try and I've get pain in my right elbow. The pain will cause me not to be able to extend my arm fully. Any advice or suggestions?

  7. Summer This was the Bomb!!! Thank you so much for keeping it real you are so motivating and inspiring I am twice your age and your confidence makes me know anything is possible! I will continue watching and may even document my journey as well thank you again!!! I love your spirit!!

  8. Since August of last year I walked a lot, did intermittent fasting and then lost about 40lbs, didn't see the scale until almost 2-weeks ago. Started a Carnivore Diet, just meat, no added carbs, some coffee and some milk/cream. Lost 17lbs in one WEEK!! I died looking at the scale!!

  9. Omg Summer you are amazing. I honest to god just watched all your videos and you’ve inspired me. It’s a shame that I have all a person could want in life and still no happiness. Today is Day 1 of my journey and I’m fasho gone be using your workouts. Keep being an amazing spirit and stay as humble as you are. You’re really a light on all of us lil mama. And your son is so cute ! Ok ok ima go to the gym now but I couldn’t log off without thanking you and giving you a few affirmations 💕💞💕


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