Hi Friends! Today’s video is super exciting because we’re putting the old wives tales to the test to predict the gender of our baby! We researched at home gender tests that work and supposedly these boy or girl tests are sometimes accurate! We are so thrilled to find out the gender of our baby and can’t wait to bring you guys along this journey! Also, thank you so much for your support with our business. It means the world to us!!

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  1. I craved nothing, I just ate a lot of food. But then the day before I went into labor, I drank a half gallon chocolate Fairlife Milk.lol. And I was so happy, everyone thought it was a boy, and we did not find out until birth. The whole time I thought it was a boy, then it was a girl. So shocking. I had to get used to it. I feel like it took a few months for me to get used to the fact. I love her so much 🙂 I never really cared as long as the baby was healthy. Now, my baby girl is almost a year old! time flies…How old is Annabelle again?

  2. 😂 old wives tales are so entertaining! I did a whole list of them with my last baby and they all pointed to girl except for the chinese calendar. It turned out to be baby boy number 4 😥😂

  3. There’s another one you can use with a sibling…you use what the first word of the previous child 🧒 and it will be the opposite gender. For example…if say Annabelle’s first word was Momma then you’ll be having a baby boy next or vice versa.

  4. I have a boy and girl and never got morning sickness with both… the one that worked is eating sweets.. my last pregnancy I was eating a bunch of sweets and I had a girl.. with my boy I didn’t crave anything sweet..so that one worked for me.

  5. When I was pregnant, the Chinese gender predictor chart said boy and I did have a boy! The shape of my belly though made everyone (even strangers) come up to me and say boy! I had a small round belly, and I guess when you're pregnant with a girl it's a wider belly 🤷‍♀️


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