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Emergency Awesome : Avengers 4 Ant-Man and The Wasp Post Credit Scene Theory Explained




  1. antman comes out of the quantum relm but insted of being in there for a couple of years its more like a month he will controll that giant ant and us him to relese himself from the quantum relm

  2. Your explanation for why Tony's suit didn't change doesn't really make sense. If anything shouldn't his suit have gotten majorly upgraded since as it is shown in Iron Man 3 his coping mechanism is building more suits?

  3. I like these ideas but I absolutely hate the technobabble in A&TW. Quantum entanglement is real and sooooo mis represented. Idk. Just feels like they didn't care about actual science at all l. They just used the word quantum to mean "Atomic" and sound cool.

  4. Wait i don't get it thou.. In Infinity war People claim they spot ant man but he was just very small.. So all that was not true then.. because at the time of the war ant man was busy with these hommies looking for quantum energy ..And All of the super heroes were busy with thanos and just ant man was Sitting back and was Chilling with his Quantum mates ? M sorry but m confused

  5. I don't think that "fixing" a comic book universe is the goal of the Russo Bros…but rather to move it forward. Remember 10yrs have expired from Iron Man. I have a guess that the Avenger's 4 will be steering us all in a new direction…..Captain Marvel movie will be the lynch pin of the entire Phase 4. I bet the end credits will blow our comic book minds. But as we all seem to be dissecting the IW movie….who knows… what someone will uncover or something will be leaked from Marvel. Geekdom is on the verge of meltdown. Marvel is indeed Mighty!!!!

  6. I think I know how ant man will get out of the quantum zone , at the very end the ant was alive while half of humanity vanished so the ant will help or maybe he will turn big and will come out of the quantum zone just like the first ant man.

  7. i think the opener will be thanos enjoying his reality not realizing what the curse of possessing the reality stone and then pan out to titan and iron man and co. and probably nebula trying to find a way off of titan all the while iron man will be all pissy about losing not just the battle but peter most of all

  8. Quantum power+time stone=ultimate space/time manipulation to gather the new avengers and forge a 2nd infinity gauntlet to defeat Thanos and revert the snap, until Nebula fucks shit up like she did in the comics and that’s the final cliffhanger/end credit scene


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