The Orange & Peach Nasal Aspirator is available at The Parenting Emporium. For inquiries and orders, please contact the TPE Customer Service Hotline at 0917-5614366. For the pricelist of the Nasal Aspirator, and other products available at TPE, please e-mail


The Orange & Peach Nasal Aspirator allows you to safely and naturally clear your baby’s nose for better breathing and easier feeding especially in times of colds and flu.

Age: 0 months and above
Material: BPA Free

Made with durable plastic that is strong yet comfortable to be placed inside your child’s nostrils.

Built-in flap to prevent mucus from entering mouth.

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The Parenting Emporium : Available at The Parenting Emporium: Orange & Peach Nasal Aspirator

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