Australian Mum uses body to shield Baby during hailstorm

Australian Mum uses body to shield Baby during hailstorm

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  1. I was in a hail storm when I was about 15 with my cousin and some friends on this hiking trail and it came out of no where. They were slightly smaller than golf balls and as we where running for cover at this shack I ended up getting nailed in the head a few times and rammed myself into a pine tree for cover and ended up getting knocked out.

  2. Few years ago me and my mom were walking outside during the night, all of a sudden she pushes me very hard much stronger than I would think she is. There was a large black snake crossing the road and she saw it and she pushed me instead of jumping out of the way herself…I was around 40 back then.

  3. With my limited reddit understanding of australians:

    I presume she said “no worries” cracked open a beer, chugged it, crushed it with her forehead, and when the Ambo’s arrived she told them to “stop at maccas” and topped off her hail filled cup with spider venom.

  4. It’s what moms do. I was talking to my coworker before my firstborn arrived, and told him I was scared of dumb shit like holding him and falling down the stairs or something and accidentally dropping him. He said “Don’t worry, you’ll break every bone in your body before you let go of that kid.”


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