Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump, who represents the family of Markeis McGlockton, tells CNN’s Michael Smerconish he believes Florida’s “stand your ground” law is not applied equally and encourages people to take the law into their own hands.

CNN : Attorney: ‘Stand your ground’ law is license to kill people of color



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  1. 1st thing is that he confronted that man's woman about a fucking handicap parking space something that the police should handle! These fucking white people taking the law into they're own hands!

  2. Change the law people crying this is Ludacris why you think people have these guns to kill people they've been doing this for a very long time it's 2018 the world need to wake up we have people here on Sokol American soil is still feel like they can kill people and Destroy people lies no more no more the KKK time is up

  3. The whole world should be an outrage this was murder change the law I was beat up by the BART police here in the Bay Area back in the late 90s unconscious waking up in my vomit on the floor which Shackles On My Feet handcuffs on me he asked me for my name for my ID and I said what for he said put my hand put your hands behind your back and I gave him my ID and this is what they did to me. They put me in psychiatric hospital did you see where my mind was at I was in there for two and a half hours they let me go with no charges rendered I know it's been a long time but love to sue them now I'm still alive thank God I don't know about next week and next year you know nobody knows that but anybody who can get a good lawyer I would sue them for 2.1 million dollars and I will gladly get attorney in the person who can help me additional hundred thousand

  4. Don't illegally park, and don't assault old men ! Took him 2 seconds to protect himself ! Now that's the truth ! But this was defense against assault ! Black guy just wanted to push around a guy smaller and older than him !

  5. Well if it was turned the other way would it be assault !? valid reason and a justified shooting !?? Assault , then defense ! Old white guy assaulted by large black ASSAULTER, he was scared, and defended himself ! I'd be scared, should not have happened, and don't put hands on legal carrier !!

  6. Once you take aggression in a physical way and throw someone or push someone to the ground real hard you're capable of doing more with you back up or not you already came at them in the first place you're capable of coming at them again and you need to be put down

    Next time he won't be parking in a handicap spot

  7. Why is American government keep letting people use guns to shoot at each other? It's not a basketball or tennis ball..
    Only trained and law-abiding cops should be carrying guns to protect the citizens.. Feel sorry for the McGlockton's family.

  8. And being in fear has to have evidence supporting it. Many white guys fear black men in general,does that give them the right to kill the guy. And as a gun owner,you have to take responsibility for anytime you feel the need to use your gun. You can't say your adrenaline was pumping or had tunnel vision or it happened so fast that I didn't have time to think, no. You better have time to think because this is ppls lives were talking about. You better be damn sure.

  9. Stand your ground needs to be re addressed. Because you cant start an incident and argument or fight then claim you were fear for your life. Because just like Zimmerman,they were never scared from the jump to the point they were brave enough to start the confrontation. And they're not afraid one bit because they're armed and they know they are safe with it. So to say all a sudden they're terrified of dying on the spot is laughable. So I can start a fight and get in someone face then right before I kill them I can say im afraid now and then shoot. I can see if they were minding their own business and were approached by some assailant,but they were the ones that initiated the confrontation which shows they were never afraid for their lives or else they would never have started the problem in the first place.

  10. I hope someone walks up and Yells at yall family and thentell me how you would handle. Wait i guess like this "Hey sir whats going on? May i ask why are you yelling at my wife. Lets talk"

  11. Mabe SOME people of color need to respect other people of color and stop shoving the privilege of their color on others….a little respect across colors can only make us closer as humans but there are those who dont want or care about that…The man shot could have called the cops and the man with the gun could have done something different to….people need to understand that they cant be putting their hands on someone and not expect a reaction…its sad both ways.

  12. Curious what would happen if they traded places. The other man coming out of the store had the gun and the man scolding his girl friend attacked him and knocked him down. What would he have happened. Different person would have been shot.

  13. Defend his family from what? Being school about illegally parking in a handicapped slot. When he came out of the store he should have said your right my bad and it would have been over. But instead he assaulted the man for having the audacity to speak up when he sees a wrong being commited. To many Americans look the other way when they see a crime in progress. It would be a better world if everyone spoke up for principles. Now I would have shot the guy in the leg to stop the assault from continuing. If he had not pulled that gun the aggressor would I believe continued his assault.

  14. woman bullied by ol'man  bully… ol'man bullied by bigger guy bully… surprise! he never expected to get bullied back. Common sense dictate… If you don't wanna die, don't be pushin' on nobody – call the cops. That goes for being pulled over, talkin smak to other gangstas  and having business with drug dealers – even if you tryin to only tryin to score a dimebag!  STOP PUTTIN YOURSELF IN HARMS WAY


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