Arizona attorney Sean Carter says he was afraid to deliver a package to his neighbors in a predominantly white neighborhood because he is black.

CNN : Attorney says he fears his white neighbors



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  1. So let me get this straight because of some crazy ass white people the rest of us white people are crazy? Isn't that like saying because some black people sell drugs all black people sell drugs? Thats just stupid!!!

  2. Well every time I turn on the TV and see "jiggaboos" going crazy, burning down your homes and destroying your shit, that makes people not trust them. But that's not how most Black people, and yes I mean PEOPLE act. Most are normal people and very few are really criminals.

  3. Please view my playlist and description in first video. Cops come to shoot me down for calling police on neighbor with gun looking around corner I had just been at. Police say "that's not a threatening posture — oh it's just a bb gun — where do you work — did you go to school — etc. etc. etc. Police and white neighbors assume black man must be drug dealer because he pays the same rent as the two neighbors combined but has two vehicles. Police help white neighbor to harass and evict me after THEY were looting and shooting. Lots more evidence than what is shown, but I'm too tired. I have a job to do. But this country is ridiculous and I'm tired of it. Can we just segregate again? The Internet exists now, which is enough for me to use to get educated (already a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science — should have seen the cop scoffing at all of my answers).

  4. We as 🇦🇱 people are raise to caution around 🏳️ people, but always respect mankind. Trying stay on top as the dominant race can be dangerous to others.(Trade Wars) 🇦🇮🇦🇫🇦🇪

  5. Who does this say more about, the frightened whites or the black thugs who cause the fear?people want to survive. They know about the astonishing level of black violence so they live in terror of Black violence. They are not irrational. Walk through the ghetto at night anyone? Does this suck for the blacks who are not thugs? Yes. It sucks for the crime victims. It sucks for everyone living in fear. Despite the immensity of the problem the media ignores the it. Any story of black as victim gets media attention, even a case of simple rudeness. Unless the perpetrator is black. Reading the posts on this story shows that people think there is mass slaughter of blacks by whites. Anytime a non black kills a black it gets massive coverage and it is extremely rare. Meanwhile over 10 thousand blacks are killed by fellow blacks and the news coverage is almost non existent. One city, Chicago is already at 2000 black on black killings and the year is far from over.

  6. Lmao are you kidding me, perfect example of trying to use racism to get attention. If he really was "scared" why did he post it on Instagram and get everyone to see how "hard" it is out here for black people they apparantly can't associate with white people, we're much to threatening to there existence.

  7. Fear is because you don't understand life. I came from a country that you guys bomded back to the stone age. I need to fear you the great USSA people. But I use my common sense to live with you all.

  8. If you are educated person. YOU call the delivery company to come and take it to the right address themself. It's not your job to deliver it to the right address. Unless you know them personally. I didn't go to those stupid college and I figured it out to do what I would of done if I don't know who it needs to be delivered to. It's just common sense. Do you have any?

  9. Attorney, did you ever consider to ask what the Majority of people are afraid of? Who cares about your fears, which are probably baseless after all? Most people, whether they are Black Brown or White, fear Black Crime, and Black hatred, for in that group lays most of the Crime! You are a Lawyer/Attorney, come on?

  10. That man is just telling the truth. In USA, racism isn't some out of time period you read about in the history books, unfortunately. That a red blooded American, born and raised, has to protect his sons like that in 2018 is heartbreaking and ridiculous. Why? Because the bigot in the WH is a racist who adds fuel to a already twisted audience, who believes in the crap that comes out of that f up man. I would have been ashamed of my country, if i lived in USA. A normal citizen who are afraid, literally afraid of being shot by his NEIGHBOR, just for delivering mail!!!! What kinda country is this, who breeds racist behavior towards their own countrymen? USA, "the greatest country in the world". I always heard as a kid. I don't hear it anymore.

  11. OMG I can't believe this drama queen shit!! Stop teaching your kids to be racist!! Kids don't see skin color until there racist parents and the media force it down there throat.

  12. Can someone on here tell me why Hispanic and black people are so racist and ignorant? And why CNN spreads so much propaganda. And dont assume my race because that's racist. I got that from the left

  13. You got to be kidding me. So your teaching your kids to fear people because of the color of their skin? Hey son dont go to them because they're white and racist. Sounds like double standard to me. CNN just stop. This is not news. Just proving peoples point when dumbasses like this spread propaganda. Why can't black people like this stop being racist. When Obama was in office and people where being racist you didnt see the fake news doing shit like this. Sad time for the left

  14. You dindu race bait all the damn time to push your poor ole black guy agenda. Youve cried wolf too long. Your bullshit will no longer be heard. Grow up and try to get along in society already.


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