Lanny Davis, the attorney representing President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen, suggests that his client may have knowledge implicating Trump in Russia’s alleged hacking of Democratic emails.

Despite claim, there is no letter to the special counsel acknowledging Trump directed Cohen to pay the hush money.

CNN : Attorney: Michael Cohen may have knowledge on hacking





  1. So we have one lying Jew representing another lying Jew….and we expect to get the truth? You have a better chance of winning the lottery 20 times. I hate Trump too, another Zionist puppet….

  2. LOL fucking lanny davis backtracked his statements in this video. Where is CNN commenting on this fact? Nothing but fake news, but some people are sucking dry the shit that comes out of CNN.

  3. You guys dont actually believe Lanny now do you? After it comes out that he flat out lied on public tv about the trump tower meeting? Wow..keep up this "russia" narrative guys, working real well for ya

  4. Yeah the is evidence that seth rich exposed the dnc, n hrc. So, why she walking? Why did she walk when comey made the case but strzok changed the wording to gross negligence. She should NEVER have security. And collusion with russia, clinton foundation got lots of money for hrc to sell them uranium. And the dossier was campaign finance crime. Allmon hrc, not TRUMP. KERP DIGGIN.

  5. These comments are asinine. CNN has been outed as lying about this story since even the WaPo and NYPo has retracted this story as Davis himself has declared it isn't true. Trump is not "crapping his pants" and the republicans are not "silent". You all just need to get out more and see the real world. (not directed to anyone who believes anything/everything that comes from CNN)

  6. Another piece of shit he's no better than Cohen this man would sell his mother his ass guy's a liar you just admitted he lied the two-faced piece of shit do anything for money anyting they got dirt on him as well look at his face

  7. Another CNN scandal, Lanny Davis went all over CNN TV with inflammatory claims he now *admits were false , but which he leveraged to induce people to donate $160,000 in the name of Cohen's "Truth Fund" that will go to pay Davis. Definitely unethical, arguably charity fraud:

  8. people are you all still living in five days ago ,oh you people don't know that this attorney backtrack his accusations and apologized for it……..where are you people now huh where are you people now for real speak up now fucking liberals.Just shut the fuck up all you brainwashed fuck up .

  9. What a dumpster fire shit show… And way to be the party of "family values" Republicans… fucking Mob family values… I knew Trump was conceited and narcissistic, so it seemed like he'd do a good job, so people would like him. I didn't realise he was delusional and would just lie to make himself look good…

  10. Where is the retraction by CNN then?
    In fact CNN is "standing by" the Fake News story.
    How is this even possible? How can a news story be proven and documented as false and yet CNN still stands by it?
    If you want absolute proof that CNN is Fake News… now have it.


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