10:45 David: Miami, FL: Proof that God Exists, Judaism Is the One True Religion
26:00 George: TN: Atheist’s Response to Advances to Artificial Intelligence
40:30 Robert: Austria: Secularity in Austria vs USA, Arguments Against Fine-Tuning
59:10 Pierre: Chicago, IL: Haitian Atheist Wants to Network with Co-Host Reggie
1:01:45 Jacob: Miami, FL: God Appearing to Humanity, Biology is Evidence for a Creator
1:21:10 Ray: TX: Definitions of God and Atheism, Deism, Consciousness

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  1. Did David say there are only four animals that chew cud or had split hooves and we've never found any more? Because ruminant animals all chew their cud, and there are more than four of those alone. All I needed to do was type it into Google and I got a bunch of results.

    This is the problem: it doesn't matter if the confirmation is real., what's important is that it confirms what I believe.

  2. No one has ever discovered a fish without scales — oh really ????  I found a list in like 2 min…  Catfish do not have scales; their bodies are often naked. In some species, the mucus-covered skin is used in cutaneous respiration, where the fish breathes through its skin.   Just so painful to listen to these twits – Cartilaginous fishes (sharks and rays) are covered with placoid scales. Most bony fishes are covered with the cycloid scales of salmon and carp, or the ctenoid scales of perch, or the ganoid scales of sturgeons and gars. Some species are covered instead by scutes, and others have no outer covering on the skin.  FFS n ot hard to find if you look and take off the god-blindfold.

  3. It seem so many Theists ring in to either prove, thier limited grasp on reality, science and fallacies or to prove a god which they then proceed to confirm the doubts of and absuridty required to hold such a belief.  They do so much to help the Athiest position i don't know if I should laugh or cry, be angry at the dumb or feel sorry for the indoctrination and metal enslavement they suffer from.  Oh well on with the vegtable dicing.   🙂

  4. I am a godfather to a Catholic child even though I have never been Catholic, the priest was actually really understanding and what I told him was I would not teach the child about god unless she first expressed an interest herself and then I would tell her about Christianity in as fair and as honest way as possible and not try to not let my own biases influence one way or another and I would bring her to there church if she expressed wanting to attend but it will always be her choice in if she wants to believe or not and he was perfectly happy with that, surprisingly nice guy actually.

  5. Somewhere around the 1:30:00 mark, "'God' is a natural creation of the universe… His consciousness allows it to exist."

    How can a thing created by the universe be necessary for the universe to exist? How can a universe create something that is is dependent upon to exist? Without the universe, there would be no "god," but without that "god" there would be no universe? If the universe is dependent upon this god, and this god is dependent upon the universe, then… just… What?

  6. Clare shared something more valuable than she realised at 1:53 when she said she would tell her son that he needed to eat something. This is called "co-regulation" and is a very useful tool for a parent to share with children – and an effective way for the child to learn how to self-regulate their emotions.

  7. "On 24 October 2014, the web site World News Daily Report (WNDR) published an article reporting that chariot wheels and the bones of horses and men had been discovered at the bottom of the Red Sea, thereby supposedly proving archaeological proof of the Biblical narrative about the escape of the Israelites from the Egyptians. WNDR is fake news site whose disclaimer notes that the site’s articles are satirical in nature…" Snopes

  8. There are many arguments Atheists use that are just plain stupid. I am an Atheist of many years but arguments such as unanswered prayer or if there is a God why doesnt he do things the way I think he should are really kind of idiotic. These are arguments that should be avoided. Stick with arguments with actual substance

  9. David, like so many apologists, must come from a long line of fruit growers; he's a very skilled cherry-picker.

    I love the question about the hide and go seek god: I have an open invitation to any and all gods to visit anytime.

  10. 1:30:00 This guy needs to define 'god'. According to his definition anything/anyone with consciousness is god. -Quite frankly this is one reason why I often teasingly declare that I myself am god.

  11. I was brought up to believe the Bible. Then they said read the Bible,mistake #1. I could not understand why test humans if God knows all literally EVERY DAMN thing then what does he have to find out? If he wants to use this life process to make the ultimate product. Why not just create the end product to begin with & avoid all this suffering. The best I heard when I was a kid from the best authority I had was "the test is not for God to find out anything it's for us to realize the majesty of God". I found myself extremely disappointed.

  12. Jacob's problem is that he has zero education in biology. Absolutely zero. Most likely in other science Fields as well based on this "you're telling me this perfectly constructed body for this perfectly constructed universe". Jacob, if you can read this, go speak to people in these fields. Talk to biologists who don't believe the same thing you do and hear what they have to say. Talk to biologists who believe the same thing that you do and ask them whether or not what they know of biology influences their belief in a Creator. You falling into a trap Jacob, a trap I've fallen into before too; you think you know more than you actually do

  13. One believer position that's always baffled me is the -> We don't know how this happens therefore God or God did it…
    They(the believer) starts from a position of ignorance and somehow(in one gigantic step) lands in a position of all answers(God did it).

  14. Have any of the callers ever proved a god! no and yet still they insist. Shouldnt they first have some solid proof before they start spouting about what their particular sky daddy did or said etc


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