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Republic World : Arnab Goswami Vs Nirav Modi’s Lawyer Vijay Agarwal | Nirav Modi Scam



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  1. arnab goswami i beg to please step down from journalism in order to save this noble proffession ….. this will be ur greatest gift to the nation who you falsely claim that nation want to know from you …. please stop this dog fight on national television

  2. Arnab he never said video call..r u really hard in hearing u dumb ass he said he spoke to him but he never said he spoke to Nirav on video call..Arnab is such a shit just keeps shouting and puts words in people,s mouth

  3. In simple words bhai ne Arnab ki ma chod diya….Arnab u dumb ass he is a lawyer he is not the criminal…when u ask him a question thn allow him to answer….he gave u the taste of ur own medicine

  4. Idiot goswami. If the indin govt guarntees that mallya, modi nd choksi are guaranteed immunity from pre trial arrest and will be sent to jail only after conviction and till then can be free…. And if president of india signs the guarantee… They will all return in 30 days


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