I discuss the latest manifestation of Trump-based Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome.

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Gad Saad : Are All Calamities Due to Donald Trump? (THE SAAD TRUTH_766)

donald trump


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  1. Yes, the progressive left are always right and just and know what's best for you, get with the program already or do you need 12 months intensive training at one of their exclusive, inclusive re-education campuses ?

  2. Erectial dysfunction.
    I heard Trump’s toxic masculinity on display.
    I contemplated my own toxically masculine manifestations.
    My wife arrived home and I discussed it with her.
    She told me that I was perfectly masculine, not too much, not too little, and proceeded to seduce me.
    Struck by her sweetness, I attempted to perform, yet Trumps orange patriarchal gaze prevented me.

  3. Trump does not travel to Pittsburgh = Trump does not care and proves he is anti-Semitic!

    Trump travels to Pittsburgh = Trump is self centered and making this tragedy all about him!

  4. Donald Trump invented the time machine. He went 1000 years into the past to convince all people to become anti-semites. They all obeyed him. That is why anti-semitism has been going on for millennia. Also, Genghis Khan was in fact Donald Trump.


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