WhatCulture : Ant-Man And The Wasp’s TWO Post-Credits Scenes Explained



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  1. Hes gonna jump in a time vortex,end up in some time before the snappening(thanos) and end up somehow figuring out that the quantum realm is exept of thanos's death glove,end up getting everyone in quantum realm with the help of others and save the day.FRESHNEZ PREDICTS FRIDAY,12TH OF OCTOBER ,2018,3:32AM (who sleeps anyway).

  2. I know what will happen. Scott has already collected the healing energy the quantum realm for that girl. But he is stuck so how he is gonna come out? Luck would favour and that girl who swings between the two realities will be in the quantam realm when Thanos snapped his fingers and hence gets saved as well and takes out Scott. The second possibility, Scott will get healing after trying to figure out for a long time how to get out and then gets the idea like the way he came out in the first movie. Then he sees all ashes and then looks at the camera of his van and sees all people into ashes. But what he's gonna do? He will throw that energy or chemical whatever on the machine in which the quantam healing is kept and make it as big as possible and then release its energy by….becoming bigger then that. All ashes on earth get healed and get back to life… Said just what I think must happen to make any sense because you cannot find anyone in quantam realm because it is like infinity else any script will be like a non-sense. Mail me if you like my theory at icefrost63@gmail.com
    And if you want me to start my own channel, would kindly request for some donations so that I can buy a laptop and a video camera because I don't have money. Just a student😊

  3. I think the ant playing the drums is really Scott. Just like when he was receiving messages from the mother, like an antenna, he was sending the ant messages from the quantum realm . The ants will come save Scott since his only hope is contacting someone who can hear him while stuck in the quantum realm. Sloppy, but you get the idea.

  4. I don’t know why everyone’s overlooking the ant on the drum kit scene as a joke, have we all forgotten Ant-Man can communicate with the ants? They could possibly be the answer to getting him out of the Quantum Realm by operating the machine. Or at least they could lead someone else to him as we all know he can make them form specific shapes and patterns as a unit. Very possible they can line up at Cassie’s house and lead them to Scott

    I just think everyone’s overlooking the fact he can communicate with ants, and how the giant ant on a drum kit was a big reminder of that but still everyone’s overlooked it again

  5. I just watched it and its really interesting because how hanks wife got some type of power from the realm if you stay there for a long time so maybe what if he gets the same thing and can use it somehow

  6. I have a feeling he’s daughter will become mrs marvel who she names herself after captain marvel (obviously being her biggest fan). College student with anotomical powers being able to shape shift her anatomy to her desire kinda like stretch Armstrong lol

  7. I'm sorry, I'm sorta in a bad mood at the moment. Just watched Infinity War for the first time, and I just can't get over it. That movie was so powerful, it gave me very bad anxiety for a moment; during the Vision and Scarlet Witch's 'final moment of desperation.' The anxiety was giving me major discomfort in my chest area, but I felt better when the Witch successfully destroyed it. Or so I thought… 😣😢


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