Amethyst Starling, native to tropical Africa

Amethyst Starling, native to tropical Africa

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  1. From space you can see Bateke—a strip of beige [intruding into the dark green heart of Central Africa](

    This strip of savanna surrounded by Tropical Rainforest exists because [ancient sand dunes once penetrated from the south in drier times]( Water quickly seeps through the sand, so the dry soil favors grass and shrubs.

    An interesting result of this is that deep, thick rainforest and savanna exist side by side. This is the only place you can see [Western Lowland Gorillas venture into the same savanna]( that Lions and Spotted Hyena also inhabit.

    Amethyst starlings (a savanna species) also coexist alongside rainforest birds like Grey Parrots.

    Forest Elephants [love the clear water]( that seeps out of the sandy hills into the low valleys.

  2. Birds are amazing. When I travel to different countries, the most fascinating thing to me is the subtle differences you notice in birds. Just observing different birds in a city makes the experience really eerie.


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