‘Fox & Friends’ exclusive: President Trump speaks out on the Michael Cohen plea deal, Paul Manafort guilty charges and his frustrations with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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Fox News : Ainsley Earhardt interviews President Donald Trump

donald trump



  1. Trump should be IMPEACH immediately and I will tell you why? He is dumb, stupid, Narcissistic, racist, a liar, a theft, a dishonest person, a womenignizer, a con artist, a scammer, a Thug, a tax dodger, and possibly the AntiChrist.

  2. Ainsley Earnhardt is such a stupid tart, can't stand watching her. She always prefaces her comments with" of course they have the right to do this it's America". She is always sucking up for the Dems. She is so predictable and boring.

  3. It was refreshing to recently hear the young-lady interviewer Ainsley talk proudly about her Christian faith. Good for her. I also liked maybe just as much that she didn't feel the need to rub anyone's nose in it, or lord it over anyone, as it were. Same with Ben Shapiro and his Jewish faith: wearing the yarmulke, mentioning his belief in Judaism but not making a huge stink over it.

  4. I like this guy.hes saying flipping or snitching should be outlawed.and he made a point saying you get your sentences reduced if you give valuable information on someone else.not fair at all

  5. He doesn't make any sense…he rambles then brags, diverts, digresses, babbles, jumping from topic to topic and always landing on self congratulation topped with a Hilary bash. And why does he keep defending himself over and over… makes him seem so guilty. I need to lie down.

  6. So each time i come on the fox news channel, Trump,s supporters seems to have something to defend him, so explain to me, how is this man innocent again? He said months ago he didnt gave any money to anyone but now he's admiting that he's a liar and lied to his fans…

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  8. the donald is emasculated by John McCain and his war-time story that would make an amazing movie. he feels inferior ( which he should) and has such an inferiority complex that he feels he has to find something to take mccain down a peg or 2. sadly for the donald, there is nothing in john mccain's life that can foot the bill, so he makes the 'captured' remark. and, hey! what's up with all the republicans that seem to be ok with the fat-man attacking a real life american war hero? what's up with that?

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