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  1. Just something kinda cool: in the fourth case of the first game and the first case of the fourth game, both incidents involve three people in a small, dark room where the victim begins to argue with the third person. The fight turns physical, and the defendant becomes concerned. The third person initially comes under suspicion for the crime, but later insists they couldn't have done it in the way that people believe them. In the end, the way the defendant avoids conviction is by giving testimony that implies a fourth, previously unrelated person was at the scene of the crime, who murdered the victim and framed the defendant out of a twisted sense of revenge for a sleight dealt to their career that they blew out of proportion. The killer then goes to elaborate lengths to hide their crime, only to be destroyed by the most basic of mistakes. Considering the message the game of Apollo Justice was meant to convey, it's interesting how similar it was to some of the most iconic aspects of the trilogy

  2. Hey lucah, have you ever watched this old black-and-white film called "Witness for the Prosecution"? It's got a great mystery and constant intrigue, it's quite good

    Keep it up btw! Really enjoying your LP so far 😛

  3. Phoenix outmentors Kristoph in regards to Apollo, dismantles Kristoph's arguments without any visible effort and delivers the ultimate in disrespect by 'yeah I know how this went down and I know its your first case but his defense is so bad Im sure you can do it if you look at it for two consecutive minutes'.
    When did he learn to deliver these veiled disses and what the hell happened to him that he turned out so savage
    And when did he learn how to be this trickster mentor

  4. And that is how you open an Ace Attorney game. This is still the best first case in the series for me as it is both an actually complicated case and it has major character moments right at the start as well as builds up so many mysteries. The only openning case that comes close to this is is the one in Trials and Tribulations and even that one isn't as shocking or complex.

  5. I always hated the ending of this case. It is so unlike Phoenix, after getting to know him after 3 games prior, to submit forged evidence. Always rubbed me the wrong way, even after how he stated his logic and path of justice has never wavered even after losing his badge and then he goes and does something like this.

  6. Honestly this is my first time coming across your vids and idk what to say (though in the first episode of this game's playthrough I didn't like your fangirling but I guess it's ok?) I guess that's just how you are?

    Either way, I think I'm starting to like you and your vids so you got a new fan 😀

    (Also you prolly won't read this anyway so nvm 😂)

  7. Just a quick tip! I've been kinda binge watching your ace attorney playthrough and I noticed that when they give you the choice to press harder on a witness or to lay off you sometimes choose to lay off. Pressing harder on a witness can only give you good results. You either get more info or you just get some funny lines. There's really no need to lay off. Love the series so far btw!

  8. BigKlingy mentioned this during NCS's LP of Ace Attorney Investigations 2, but Fun fact, that grape juice was always grape juice even in the Japanese version. There are three reasons why it's grape juice instead of wine or whatever.
    1. Grape Juice is Shu Takumi's favorite drink
    2. It could've raised the age rating in Japan. (I don't know the full details.)
    3. It's funny

  9. Honestly, i wish the entire game was as intense as this case.
    it was the first time in my life i actually got a game over on a first case, and still is the only one. I probably like it even better than the amazing Turnabout Memories from the T&T, making this my favorite first case ever.

    Anyways, the next cases will decide whether or not you end up liking this game as a whole or not. Honestly, i think you will, but i don't know how much. 😛

  10. I've never played any of the Ace Attorney games, but I love that I'm experiencing them through you, Lucah!

    Also, as a side note, I always thought this game's title was Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney just like Phoenix's name came first in his titles. Am I mistaken in thinking that..?

  11. There can only be one reason that Phoenix has a daughter, a reason that even explains his current state: He chose another woman over Edgeworth. This action was such a disservice to the universe itself that he was stripped of his attorney's license for committing such an atrocity. It's the only answer that makes sense.


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