In today’s episode of the Let’s Play, walkthrough, and playthrough of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice, Apollo questions the resurrected Queen and uncovers a horrible truth.

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GAME: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice
AUTHOR: Capcom



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The story of Spirit of Justice is set roughly one year after its predecessor, Dual Destinies, and once again focuses on defense attorney Phoenix Wright and his two understudies Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes. While previous games in the series have been set in Los Angeles, California, Spirit of Justice sees Phoenix travel to the fictional kingdom of Khura’in, a deeply religious nation in the far east where the art of spirit channeling originates. Roughly half the game’s episodes detail Phoenix’s activities in Khura’in, while the other half follow Apollo and Athena, who are left to watch over the Wright Anything Agency in Phoenix’s absence.


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NicoB : A DRAGON NEVER YIELDS – Let’s Play – Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice – 34




  1. The scientists over at Capcom have developed a new, even more efficient way of delivering grief and heartache directly to the audience – the Pre-Murdered Father Figure. Kill them off even before you get to meet them, simply brilliant.

  2. Apollo slamming his head on the desk is one of the most heartbreaking scenes in this whole series for me, you could tell that he was hoping with all of his heart that he was wrong. This part still made me cry even though I'd already witnessed it on my own playthrough. Plus, Amara and Dhurke's love for each other was so sweet, ahh this I love this case

  3. Nico, no, they covered this aspect of channeling back in the game where Maya's aunt tried to frame her. The medium doesn't go into a trance or dream state; for all intents of purposes their soul is pretty much not there for the duration of the channeling. That's why it is possible for a spirit to remain if its strong enough, and why some techniques are needed to force out the spirit if the medium's soul can't reclaim its body. That was how Mia knew Maya hadn't been channeling the murderer because Maya said she felt like she was dreaming.
    So, in this case, Amara was NOT present or conscious while channeling dhurke

  4. (Spoilers for the end of the episode, not any further than that, any other stuff is mere speculation)

    Somehow, the moment I saw that picture of the spirit channeling, I knew it would be Amara!
    Anyway, the rest of this is speculation: Maybe… Ga'ran can't actually channel spirits? That's why she kept Amara around, so she could pose as her, making others THINK she can channel spirits. And the reason she is looking for the orb of the founder, is so that she can gain the ability to channel spirits.
    Inga, figuring this out, after she had sent the orb away to be examined, decided to try and be the first to steal it, before she could get to it, taking the power for himself, so that she couldn't fully take over the throne and become a full on dictator.

  5. Nico I’d love to see you play the two mini dlc cases as the characters’ interactions are pretty funny. Some fluff text too if i remember correctly. Honestly speaking when I first finished it I didnt think it was worth paying for but I think it would be really fun to watch you play it 🙂 plus you get a cool ace attorney ds theme as a bonus

  6. I was surprised they actually showed someone getting shot. And yet, Dual Destinies was rated M? At least, they're running out of people close to Apollo to kill off. Well, besides his mother and secret sister.


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