Nation renowned fashion and lifestyle blogger Aashna Shroff talks about how the modus operandi of current education system is merely driven by a mundane 9 to 5 desk job, having no room for an individual’s growth, ideologies, or passions.
While taking us through her life’s journey growing up, she talks about the pivotal role her mother played in discovering and promoting her love for fashion and how ‘Knowledge over degree’ is the actual secret of her success.
Her mantra to success is to be dedicated and hardworking but above and beyond anything to be brave enough to follow your passion. An Indian fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger and perhaps the one of the most known fashion vlogger and YouTuber in India, she studied Fashion Business at London College of Fashion. Ever the entrepreneur, she also has an online store The Snob Shop that is an extension of her own approach to fashion. Winner of the People’s Choice Award for Best Urban Style 2017 also the nominee for Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2018, and has a swarm of 400k+ followers on Instagram. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at
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TEDx Talks : A degree does not dictate your destiny | Aashna Shroff | TEDxBITSPilani




  1. Moѕт people ιn тнιѕ coммenтѕ ғaιl тo realise wнaт ѕнe ιѕ тryιng тo тell υѕ and мιѕjυdge нer вecaυѕe ѕнe'ѕ ғroм a rιcн ғaмιly .ѕoмeтιмeѕ yoυ нave тo learn тo looĸ aт тнιngѕ ιn anoтнer perѕonѕ perѕpecтιve вeғore yoυ jυdge тнeм .мoѕт oғ y'all wιll dιѕagree wιтн мe and тнaт'ѕ ғιne

  2. Degree is must whether you are in fashion industry, public and corporate sector. You have no idea how degree is important for feed the people.. Without money you can't do whatever you want.
    Be realistic!

  3. The first time I disliked a tedx video…
    It's not about the girl or from which background she is coming it's about how she is expressing herself… When you stand at such a huge stage you have the responsibility of making yourself worthy of that stage in those 5-10 min you get. Here its like her CV speaking…

  4. Yall seriously need to chill out.. She is saying this for those ppl who who have passion, but at the same time they are confused because their parents or anyone disagrees with them doing something they love, just because they won't earn as much after taking a job with a degree.. But you need to understand, money comes behind success.. And if you really are "passionate" and determined about what you love, then you will surely achieve success! You must just have a courage for that!

  5. Tedx don't need some strange or weird things….
    She correctly said everything but not deeper….
    So you're putting comments like this….
    Look our ancient they cured all diseases including death they didn’t hold a degree….
    "Knowledge over degree" a great thing. ….what a thought she is providing us…..who are having bad opinion about this video just research about our ancient things and make a comment. ……love you sis😊

  6. it is good to have a college degree ,as long as it is fulfilling in term of interest ,financial well being & your personality..You will fear less about academicians of any level ,any carrier from universities and you will get more power to as for me taking a passionate degree is still okay and live for my passion is still beautful.There is no a big sense here of not finishing college.

  7. Guess its a little too early for the speaker to talk about her Success Story…… It's just the Beginning…. n she has a Long way to go! Not yet the right time to dive into a conclusion about degree..passion success rate whatever!! Nice attempt anyways…. and may you be able to say the same after say 30-40 years maybe…. God Bless!!

  8. People are wondering how TED is inviting people like her. This is not a TED talk. This is TEDx. TEDx is an independently organized talk that literally anyone can organize. It simply follows the format of a TED talk. You don’t need to be a distinguished person to do a TEDx talk.

    Secondly, she’s simply trying to justify her choices because she didn’t/couldn’t get a degree.

    Third, she shouldn’t be lecturing people about this simply because she herself is a nobody. Social media fame is fickle and not a lasting career. Also, I cannot think of what “impact” she’s making to the world except telling people how control acne/pimples, what Nyka shade to wear and what foundation is less oily.

    Fourth, there are several more impactful professions like doctors, lawyers, IAS/IPS officers, teachers, social workers etc who have impacts on people’s lives. They all require a degree. They require way more dedication and commitment than just “Hi guys welcome back to my channel”. So no, she hasn’t done something big.

    Fifth, even if you’re doing a corporate job, you are making an impact to somebody’s life somewhere. Work in pharmaceuticals? You’re part of a company jet makes medication that saves lives. Directly or indirectly you’re contributing in some way. Work in commerce? You’re part of something that makes people’s lives easier by delivering to their doorstep. Work in media? You bring news to the world and keep people informed. All these things require proper education.

    Sixth, passion is important. No doubt about it – but passion alone can only take you to a certain limit for common men. It’s only a chosen few who can become super successful with just passion. Very few. So this is bad advice. Nobody talks about the millions who fail because they dropped out to follow “passion”.

    Seventh point. Having worked for an international development organization, I’ve met many accomplished Indian women who are educators, lawyers, statisticians, mathematicians, data scientists, international diplomats. These women will dazzle you with their depth of personality and intelligence.

    This is frivolous talk and if she thinks she is “successful”, it’s a pity. You’re a YouTube content creator – not a celebrity. Your YouTube fans in your little world know you. I asked 10 random people around me if they know her and each of them was like “Who???”

    I didn’t know her either till I saw this video – and then I saw a few others. This is just another YouTuber.

  9. For beauty bloger.. Rich girl like u may be degree doesn't matter but there are thousands of girl in india who belong to very poor background just ask them value of education and degree….. First they have to fight for to get education which is so expensive then they have to try hard to get job…. Because this is the only thing which can change there life…..


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