These are 9 cultural differences in Parenting between Brazil and the UK, and an insight into how it is to parent across different cultures, including differences between the time children who to get, school hours, birthday party celebrations and values taught to children in Brazil and in the UK.

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I’m Ysis, mummy to toddlers James and Isabella, who are 21 months apart. I’m originally from Brazil, but have lived in the UK for almost 9 years, and for the last 2 years, we’ve set base as a family in beautiful South Wales.

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Ysis Lorenna : 9 CULTURAL DIFFERENCES IN PARENTING: BRAZIL vs. UK | Brazilian Mum Abroad | Ysis Lorenna

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  1. I agree apart from the last point. I personally don't go for the making kids grow up too early. My sister lived with my parents until she could afford a house with no pressure to move. I would say the biggest lesson for British children is manners x

  2. Ysis, I grew up in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and I live in the USA.
    I totally agree with all of the differences you've mentioned. I also did not have snacks all day…Although at the end of the afternoon (around 5ish) we had "café da tarde" with fresh bread, milk, coffee and some deli meat.

    I really enjoyed the video! 😉

  3. I grew up in Brazil but now live in the US. Monthly birthdays were certainly not a thing when I was growing up, but I do see people posting pictures now of the monthly parties they have for their kids. Not all of them, though. A lot of my friends do the monthly pictures with milestone cards. I agree that birthday parties, in general, are much bigger in Brazil. I remember having parties full of friends and family and it was just a normal thing. I now do big parties for my girls and I know my husband would rather have a smaller celebration. He does go along with it, though. Oh, yeah, and respect is a huge thing in Brazil, I agree. Here, independence, like in the UK.

  4. I think the bedtime has a lot to do with parents working schedule. If the parents need to get up early, say, before 6am, then in order for everybody to get enough sleep you have to get the kids in bed much, much earlier. In my home country, China, my bedtime was 7-8pm and woke up time was 6am in order to get to school at 7:30am on time. My mom’s work hour was 8-5. So you can imagine.

  5. It was really interesting! I live in UK, originally I'm from Lithuania and our culture is much more similar to Brazil than UK, that's crazy 😀 BTW I love your videos ❤️

  6. Sou Brasileira e moro em Londres com minha mãe meu padrasto e meu irmão de 7 anos. Quando cheguei aqui tbm notei essas diferenças. Aqui em casa e meio q a mistura das duas culturas.

  7. I grew up in a country similar to UK but my mom raised me like people in Brazil do😂 At a daycare the teachers always complained how I go to sleep at 10pm but to my mom that was totally normal😂

  8. I am happy to know that you still remember all this things about Brazil. I agree with all you said in the video. Personally I never had a snacktime when I was young. As you said We still have breakfast, dinner and lunch. This video was amazing, Thumb up!!

  9. Eu nasci no Brasil também é eu acho que meus pais tem muito mais compaixão de que os americanos! Nos mudamos pros Estados Unidos em 1993! Agora eu moro no Canadá com meu marido!

  10. I’m Italian and I’m easing my kids in the US. My kids go to sleep at 9 and the pediatrician keeps bugging me they should go to bed earlier. In Italy they’d go to bed even later. That schedule fits our lifestyle, it works and they still get all the hours they need.

  11. Brazilian here and I agree with you in every topic you covered Ysis. Ah and for the school time I think there is as well some consideration about cognition and its process. I can't give the resources now but I heard before from a neuroscientist who was being critical of this brazilian school time and was specialized in education that it's a bit harsh on children to try and make them focused on activities so early right after they've just woken up. It seems that there is a much needed time for your brain to "set" before you can fully concentrate on something, specially formal studying. It seems to be a healthy habit for children or teenagers to try and be awake a couple of hours before going to school. Obviously this is relative as it depends on the time each child or family wakes up but 9 am seems a more democratic time I think. If anyone knows more about it or if it's a myth let me know!

  12. Super interesting to see how different cultures do things. Lots of people here in the UK frown upon my 8 month old going to bed at 10pm… I'll have to tell them he's running on Brazilian time 😛 xxx


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