8 year old skateboarder does her first drop-in

8 year old skateboarder does her first drop-in

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  1. My son just got a skateboard for his 8th birthday.

    “Mom, come on and try!”

    Okay, just standing on it can’t be too hard, I thought.

    Fucking thing slipped out from under me and my whole right side of my back/hip had a disgusting black bruise.

    **Edit:** I’m happy to see people enjoyed my story, and I even learned some tips! Unfortunately, I believe that’s the end of my skateboarding career though. That said, keep the tips rolling in for my little guy – because clearly he won’t learn from me! Right now he’s just rolling around on it and learning to steer.

  2. Definitely not her first drop-in.

    Edit: this probably isn’t her first successful drop in either as a lot of you are saying as no one starts on a vert ten foot ramp

  3. That’s probably her first drop in on a ramp that size, considering she already knew how to pump to maintain speed. Maybe not, but either way the first time dropping in can be intimidating so kudos to her.


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