Today’s video is about 5 ways you can lose weight more efficiently with less effort. I talk about fitness wear, tech, apps, food, habits and there’s also a Gymshark Haul showcasing the new release next week 25th October 2018! These items are sure to sell out quickly so do snatch them up during release days. Release times will be announced on my Instagram so look out for it.

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Chloe Ting : 5 Tips To Lose Weight WITHOUT Effort | Does fitness wear make a difference? | Gymshark Haul

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  1. It sucks bc I’m unable to go to the gym or do workouts in my home. The only thing I do is go to dance every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours each practice. And my diet is awful bc my house is almost straight junk food. I’m 16 and can’t buy the groceries nor my own food bc I don’t have a lot of time for a job. I just want to lose some weigh. It’s like my parents don’t care about their own health or the health of the 6 children in the house.

  2. These videos are such motivators for me, thanks Chloe!! Also, I really really love your natural makeup look here, what lipcolor and eyeshadows are you wearing? I love your content, but do really enjoy your random makeup videos too!! <3

  3. Chloe, random question buttt how do you cook your oatmeal and how much grams of oats do you use? I love oats but I feel like hey never make me full because I use too little, I just want to insight 🌷

  4. I'm always so excited when you upload new videos because after all those months of trying to get fit, your channel was the only one that really motivated (and still motivates!) me to achieve my goals. I just love your workouts but also videos like these and I just feel like you're so down to earth and so nice!! Thank you so much xxx

  5. I’ve been doing at home workouts (hiit/ cardio) for a couple of years now… My legs have poor circulation, which compression leggings do you recommend?


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