5 major psychological barriers that keep us from losing unwanted weight, despite a healthy lifestyle. Matt Traube, a psychotherapist, is convinced that your weight is connected with your self-confidence and sense of security.

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BRIGHT SIDE : 5 Psychological Reasons You Don’t Lose Weight With Diets

how to lose weight

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  1. The best to lose weight and keep it off (the only way) is to change your brain, your false perceptions, and your beliefs, and quit lying to yourself, I will give you a clue its not genetics ( that would be really nice because than it would not be our fault, however the problem would be if it was genetics we could not change it. never blame anything or anyone else. just the person that fit it ( YOU )

  2. Just slowly get into something like punching a heavy bag or lift some weights and walking. Don't eat so much along with not caring about your self-image and maybe your physical appearance will change. Nobody ain't asking you to build Rome in a day. Start with searching for fire first before doing that. lol

  3. Yes! Science Debunked!
    We can change ourselves despite our "Genetics"!
    Also, these "Genetics" strongly are connected to the traditions of their Diet (aka Foods) they serve. Along with this can be "traditional" receipts that might be slightly altered from lard or butter, to other substitutes that effects your health and are more harmful for you.

  4. What if someone has a thyroid problem? I try not to be lazy when I lose weight, but I'm always sluggish when I do so, my memory is a wreck, and, due to the associated insomnia, I run on 4 hours of sleep in a 10-hour stretch making sure I pass out as soon as I decide to sit or lie down for long periods sometime in the afternoon. It's frustrating!


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