In this video, I tell you about 4 jobs that pay over $100k a year without a degree. In each of these jobs, you can earn a six figure salary without having a degree! Don’t get me wrong, it will still take hard work and dedication to get yourself to the $100,000 per year salary mark, but you will not need a degree to get there!

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Helpful DIY : 4 Jobs That Pay Over $100k A Year-Without A Degree


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  1. real estate agent is not a job… it's an entrepreneurial profession and is a business you own…. internet entrepreneur is not a job…. entrepreneurs are always more likely to make over $100G per year, one of the main reason people go in that direction, because jobs usually have caps and limits… these are owning a business, totally does not qualify as "a job"… a job is working as an employee for someone else…. being a construction foreman is a job for sure, but the experience you must have meets or exceeds what you get with a college degree… becoming a contractor would be the entrepreneurial, business owner side of being a foreman… doing side jobs as an electrician is not part of the actual job either… it is working one job and having your own business on the side… so the money is clearly in owning your own business it seems…. not in getting a job…. I will bring this up at the next meeting with the principal at my sons school…. I have tried to bring this up before, but they really want to prepare people to get jobs where they are working FOR people as employees, not as business owners

  2. what this yelling idiot doesn't tell you is how realistic it is for making 100k+ an year by doing any of these. Sure, you don't need college degree but you can not do any of those without knowledge and years of experience.

    1. Estate Agent – No degree, No experience.. Good luck. Idiots can't sell the houses. You may see successful Estate Agent with no degree but those people are smart. They have years of experience, good interacting skills and knows exactly how market is.

    2. Internet Entrepreneur – Running business, build website for high level client.. ROFL. Most of people who has no degree can't do any of these. If somebody can, they are talented people who spent much of time studying on those. Yes, you may be able to get luck with youtube if you do some crazy shiit and become laughing stock to the world or something and get millions of views for doing that.

    3. Construction Foreman – It's basically hard label and even with years of experience, only few can make to the managing position and get a decent contract from client and start their own. This is definitely not something kids who just got out of high school or someone who's been flipping burgers for decades can do.

    4. Electrician – another ROFL. You can be good electrician without getting a degree but you have to spend tons of time teaching yourself and advertise yourself as well as earn trust from customer. Good luck with that. Unless you have connection with real electrician and work under him for years to learn stuff, 99% people would just give up in first few weeks of studying.

    Seriously.. what's with this stupid video? It's a job that can make 100k+ an year but not with no experience. Don't make it sound like its an easy fit. This is what this guy is doing himself. #2 Internet Entrepreneur by putting stupid video like this on youtube for extra cash. Well.. according to youtubers if you make about $1000 a month per 100k subscribers. :p

  3. I took and passed the real estate exams but due to a previous car accident was not able to continue the pursuit because I have to go to physical therapy. You get to earn around $100-107k/year if you are a top sales agent working full time in real estate.
    1. Real estate agent.
    2. Online entrepreneur
    3. Construction foreman
    4. Electrician
    Do you teach future electricians?

  4. All those jobs require a lot of hard work and ass kissing! If you want to have a cool ass job where you can be anywhere you want to be traveling all over the United States become a truck driver! In just a little over a year you can easily go from a company driver to owning your own truck and working whenever you want … making a $150,000 to $175,000 year easy! Want to know more get at me


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