In Freemasonry, regularity is the process by which individual Grand Lodges recognize one another for the purposes of allowing formal interaction at the Grand Lodge level and visitation by members of other jurisdictions. The phrase is most commonly used to mean those lodges which are considered as regular by the United Grand Lodge of England.
There are a number of groupings of Masonic jurisdictions which consider themselves regular, and recognize others as regular, yet consider others to be irregular. There is no globally centralized Masonic organizational system, and therefore the criteria for regularity are not consistent across all Grand Lodges.
Ancients and Moderns

The concept of Regularity first appears in Payne’s regulations, and was printed in Anderson’s Constitutions. In regulation VIII we find –

If any Set or Number of Masons shall take upon themselves to form a Lodge without the Grand-Master’s Warrant, the regular Lodges are not to countenance them, or own them as fair Brethren and duly formed, nor approve of their Acts and Deeds; but must treat them as Rebels, until they humble themselves, as the Grand-Master shall in his Prudence direct, and until he approve of them by his Warrant, which must be signify to the other Lodges, as the Custom is when a new Lodge is to be registered in the List of Lodges.[1]

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The revisions published in the 1738 constitutions introduced the term Regular Lodge.[2]

Arguments regarding what ought to constitute proper Freemasonry appear in the 1720s, when some lodges of the Premier Grand Lodge of England began to replace the old method of drawing the lodge symbols on the floor in chalk and charcoal with tape, tacked to the floor, and portable metal letters. This earned the new Grand Lodge the nickname of the Moderns.[3] In 1735, the same Grand Lodge refused admission to the master and wardens of an Irish lodge, who claimed to be a deputation from the Grand Master of Ireland, unless they accepted the English constitution, which they refused.[4] In 1751 the nucleus of a second Grand Lodge, which did not accept the innovations of the original, was formed.[5] Their book of constitutions, the Ahiman Rezon of their Grand Secretary Laurence Dermott, suggests that the Moderns had now changed their passwords in alarm over masonic exposures printed in the 1730s, which would not allow their members admission into any lodges outside their own jurisdiction.[6] The process of uniting of these two Grand Lodges began in 1809, when the Moderns set up a traveling Lodge of Promulgation to return their ritual to its “Ancient” form. This made possible the creation, in 1813, of the United Grand Lodge of England.[7]
Landmarks of Freemasonry

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Payne’s 1720 regulations mention the necessity of maintaining the “old Land-Marks” of the order, but it was much later that anybody attempted to define them. It was not until 1858 that Albert Mackey published a list of 25 landmarks, which while not universally accepted, formed the basis of some American jurisdictions.[8][9]

Attempts to formulate the basis of regularity came even later in England, and appear to have arisen from recognition of a new Grand Lodge in France, which had just split from the Grand Orient de France, already branded as irregular (see below). A letter of 1913 from the new Grand Master of the Independent and Regular National Grand Lodge of France and of the French Colonies stated the obligations of his lodges as his claim to regularity.

1. While the Lodge is at work the Bible will always be open on the altar.
2. The ceremonies will be conducted in strict conformity with the Ritual of the “Regime Rectifié” which is followed by these Lodges, a Ritual which was drawn up in 1778 and sanctioned in 1782, and with which the Duke of Kent was initiated in 1792[47].
3. The Lodge will always be opened and closed with invocation and in the name of the Great Architect of the Universe. All the summonses of the Order and of the Lodges will be printed with the symbols of the Great Architect of the Universe.
4. No religious or political discussion will be permitted in the Lodge.
5. The Lodge as such will never take part officially in any political affair but every individual Brother will preserve complete liberty of opinion and action.
6. Only those Brethren who are recognized as true Brethren by the Grand Lodge of England will be received in Lodge.

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These appear to have formed the basis for the 1929 Basic Principles for Grand Lodge Recognition, still used by the United Grand Lodge of England.[10]

Chad Swans : 33rd Degree Freemason Speaks Out!! YES, I Said 33rd Exposing Abuse And Much Much More!




  1. I apologize for some of the audio difficulties this was my first attempt at using my screen cast software and Skype while recording a conversation from somebody in another country. That being said I want to thank brother Coco for coming on this channel and speaking out I hope this is the first of many more conversations we can have and shine light on the subjects. If you have any questions for brother Coco leave them down below. I can’t wait to hear the skeptical comments.

  2. Regular Mason's are pure evil as well. You're a sick soul to advertise this garbage. You're going down. The true Light will burn your dark souls forever. Turn from your abominable blood oaths. You believe in Lucifer. You are sun worshippers. You are sick. Your destruction is nigh.

  3. To make matters worse, the god of the Hebrews is the original militaristic Zionist, since his plan for his Jewish people has always been Jewish world domination and the conquest of all the Gentile nations on earth (Psalm 2:8-9).

    In the end, the Judeochristian deity Yahweh is, according to the Bible, a belligerent entity who takes delight in the slaughter of innocents and even demands the murder of small children and newborn infants. What kind of monster would be capable of asking for the killing of an innocent and defenseless baby? If some of you still believe that a degenerate kid-killer like Yahweh is a god of love and worthy of praise then you seriously lack honesty and have sacrificed your own humanity for a blatant lie.

  4. Today any sensible and reasonable person would think that religious acts such as the immolation of innocent animals in order to appease the wrath of a superior, ritual human sacrifice, the shedding of blood for the forgiveness of mistakes, the mass killing of children and newborns, the genocide of whole foreign towns and extreme warmongering are abominable and depraved crimes typical of a Satanic cult and perpetrated by only the most sick and demoniacally possessed people. Any man of sound judgment would regard all those horrifying practices as the height of perversion. Most normal people would believe that all the atrocities listed above are deeds of Satan himself. However, oddly the fact that all of those shocking practices were demanded by the biblical god of the primitive Hebrew religion, constituted the heart of the authentic Judaism and are documented abundantly in the Bible itself

  5. Yahweh is apparently not very well known. In the end, upon analyzing the Old Testament texts in a honest and objective manner, one soon becomes aware that all the characteristics which are typically associated with the diabolical personage Satan are attributable to Yahweh, the god of Judeochristianity

  6. Brother Chad why do you like to expose Hiram?

    when Jubila the German Hessian Beast, Jubilo The Chaldean Hessian is Confederacy of Babylon rule over the United States of America And ThevMiddle East Since 1871

  7. Zeitgeist is BS. Im not a christian so im not trying to protect Christians but Zeitgeist lies in the whole Christian section. There is a good movie here in youtube called Zeitgeist Exposed made by A Christian which exposed the clear purposeful deception in Zeitgeist.

  8. when i applied i got backed ball due to have a black wife yes 100% regular lodge but in Kentucky I know for a fact there are card holding kkk worshipful masterS not in the one i tried to join but in regular lodges in the area. i would be shocked if there was no kkk members in the lodge i tried tojoin.i know that u should not be able to be but it is so

  9. Once again this clown is making it up as he goes. Scottish Rite consistory. His job was Almoner yet he doesn’t even tell the truth about what the position does. You aren’t asked to become a 33rd. There are steps that take place. There ya a position between the 32nd and 33rd degree. You have no clue you are offered it until the 33rd degree brothers vote on you. After a time serving in the position between 32 and 33 you are then voted on to become a 33rd. You are then invited to Washington DC where the ceremony takes place. It is only an honorary degree. There is also another honorary degree called the grand cross. Get this clown off your shoe if you want people to take you serious. Btw a tidbit since you’re Mormon. Joseph Smith was a 32nd degree MM and Freemasonry is what he modeled the Churches social care programs off of.

  10. Blacks can join AF&AM any time they want. Most choose to join Prince Hall. Black lodges are called PHA. This guy is struggling to make up a story. He doesn’t even know the correct terms. If they beat you going through degrees there would be a whole lot of hurting seniors in my lodge. I went through in my prime and only one guy was close to my age. He was a shirt chubby guy. Trust me there are no beatings. Think this chump just found some guys that punked him. No irregular or clandestine lodge is chartered of the GL of England. If Americans try to apply to England they would refer you back to the GL of your state. Lies lies more lies.

  11. Hey Chad, do you believe this stuff? You sound like a reasonable person but then when it comes to a person's beliefs, through the goggles of a given faith, all of a sudden it seems to go out the window?
    I'm an occultist and have found Freemasonry through esoteric spiritual alchemy and hermetic Kabbalah — all of which I see as beautiful views of being. I see this kind of stuff as a higher language than how man communicates commonly and I don't see where it's at all evil, EXCEPT when it's viewed through a very strict religious worldview. Is this your position?

  12. I can't fall for a lie because i know the truth.. I knew masons are devil worshippers because they have secrets and God doesn't have secrets.. You want to know something about God;grab your bible. This organization is like the mafia etc..

  13. There is not enough solid information provided to convince me that there is anything to your claims. I am MM, PM of my mother lodge under the Grand Lodge of Virginia, and AAONMS shriner.

  14. Up and down Jacob's ladder is what the masons believe until the mason becomes a god Jewish mysticsism is stronger then ever their magic is the power of the air frequencies vibration's image's Waves manifest

  15. This guy is full of shit. I only say that because I see how small white boys can be manipulated by African Americans…And after watching this entire video I come to the conclusion these were irregular lodges polluting the light given to this man…I also am suspicion considering he says his family had Mason's yet he never got himself properly initiated in Texas. I am not a Freemason, but I enjoy the Craft. Keep posting great content Chad! Subscribed!

  16. I dont think he was a 33rd degree Mason but even if he is he wont tell you yes we worship lucifer lol for sure he wont
    Of course hes gonna keep the secret
    He wont even tell you 1st degree Lectures lol
    You think hes gonna tell you 33rd degree secret
    NO WAY people.

  17. Hi Everyone
    I just want to say that they do worship lucifer in 33rd degrees but its so secret they wont even tell you word about it but theres also 33rd degrees that they dont know that secret
    As in Morals and Dogma that A.P. Says there’s brethren that is from us and there’s brother they’re not.we tell them things that they think they understand them but truth is they dont thats for masons out of circle to know the truth but theres 33rd that from inside circle ⭕️ they know the truth but they will never tell you they worship lucifer.
    But they put that in a form that lucifer is a good being hes not the satan thays lie from lucifer.
    They truly believe that hes inocent being he tried to help humans to get the knowledge GOD didnt want to give us.
    They truly believe in that.
    So that makes different from satanism
    They believe in the times when lucifer was in heaven with GOD when he was good perfection created by GOD
    So thats a lie they dont know that hes the satan now
    Theres the fallen angels with lucifer that control the world gives us all the knowledge even today thats why they still love him
    If anyone believes in JESUS he cant do the things that CHRIST said dont do it
    All Masonic teachings is that starting from 1st degress WHAT YOU SEEK LIGHT GOING CROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT if youhave JESUS you cant be in darkness.
    JESUS CHRIST is coming soon people be strong 💪 cuz we gonna suffer until he comes back
    May GOD bless everyone whom he wishes.

  18. Chad. I really enjoy your vids. I watched this video with the 33rd degree brother. It was informative, but almost every time you asked this gentleman a question, he only gets a few words out, and you interrupt him, or talk over him. I would have liked to hear his full responses to your questions.


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