If you want a way to lose weight fast and effectively in 30 days or less – then this challenge is for you!

This 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge is designed to be performed everyday for 30 days! Remember, you need to exercise everyday!

The exercises are all body-weight (no gym and no additional weights necessary), which makes it perfect to be done at home. The workout structure is also built to make you burn as many calories in as little time possible. This will result in you burning extra fat in 30 days, getting in shape and looking awesome!

So do the workout everyday and tell me your results in the comments below! I read all the comments and will reply 100%!

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Good luck!❤️💪

Roberta’s Gym : 30 Days Weight Loss Challenge [Burn Fat At Home]

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  1. Just finished day 1! Hope to lose a bit of weight that I gained over the last year after my wedding (let myself go too much). Currently weighing 69kg (159cm tall, 31y.o.), will update results on a weekly basis (if I remember).

  2. I m starting it from tomorrow means 3rd Dec will update on 2nd Jan 19…lets see will their b any miracle for me on New Year as trying to loose weight from a long time…Btw I m 60 kg and 22 Yrs old..want to loose at least 6-7 kg wish me luck and bless me to stick on this exercise daily

    Day 1: Completed just now…feeling sweaty and for thr first time feeling like I hv really done workouts as after it I m out of breathe and sweat in this winter season which I nvr had b4…very hopeful dis time 😊

  3. Starting tomorrow and making diet, I will update you guys on 1 January 🙂 It’s my last chance to change my body before new year so please help me to not to forget and message me thankss (I’m 64.2 now) -03.12.2018

  4. starting today! (30 november)
    16 y/o
    im muscular not that fat, im trying to reach 85kg!
    starting today, i changed my diet aswell, i will update each day that passes i will edit this comment!
    wish me luck.
    i will update on my weight aswell at the end of each day

  5. Hi, I’m 10 years old. I weigh 139 pounds, really overweight. I have been bullied and I have decided it’s time to make a change. I’ll be trying to do this workout everyday starting tomorrow, December 1st. I’ll try to make a change in my diet and be more active. My goal is to weigh at least 90-100 pounds and I’ll do whatever it takes to reach that goal. Be back in a month!


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